How To Write An Effective Blog Post
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Learning how to write an effective blog post is extremely important for any blogger or niche site owner. Blog posts draw attention and traffic to your site. It breathes life into your site and makes it “REAL”. So whether you own an online shop, run a niche site, and especially if you are a blogger, it’s important to know how to write an effective blog post! Luckily for you I’ve been blogging for sometime. And I love sharing what I’ve learned.


What Can An Effective Blog Post Do For Your Site

Imagine your website as a city. For most of you it’s barely a town center in this gigantic WORLD WIDE WEB. Every page you add to it, is like a building added to your “city”. Every blog post is exactly the same. However a blog post can draw even more people to your “city” than the majority of your pages. That’s because with an effective blog post, you create a “place” that people want to visit, more so, “share” with others. And if you know anything about the internet, you know how powerful sharing is. It creates the potential for your site to go viral, or at least that particular blog post. And in the end that helps reel in traffic to your site.
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What Are The Elements Of An Effective Blog Post

First and foremost a good blog post has it’s audience in mind. It’s easy to go off on tangents, and drift from the focus of a particular post. However you will lose your audience that way. One blog’s audience differs from another. One audience may prefer long posts. One may not. You get the point. Another important element of an effective blog post is that it has a specific topic. It can have subtopics, but there must be one underlying topic. As with anything, to be effective there should be some organization to it’s structure, in this case to the content. The most important element I believe for an effective blog post, is that it truly represents YOUR voice. It’s easy to copy and paste, or to sound like someone else. However people aren’t looking for that, and neither should you be producing that.
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How Do I Structure My Blog Posts To Make Them Effective

I have a specific structure for my posts, which varies somewhat depending on the theme of my site. I use WordPress for the majority of my sites. But even on my Shopify sites it is important to have well structured and effective blog posts. I always start my posts off with a 2 to 4 sentence intro. After that intro I create a subtitle, usually with either a “h3” heading size or “h4”. Again, it depends on what theme I’m using. Under the subtitle I will post a 4 to 5 sentence paragraph. I do this for each subsequent paragraph. My last paragraph is always a “conclusion” paragraph.



It’s all the little things that make up the big things in life, same goes with an effective blog post. These little details makes your post more professional looking, more trustworthy. It allows for continuity within your site as well, if you stick to a specific format. Once you master this, and you learn how to breathe your own style/voice into your blog posts, I guarantee you will start seeing results! And before you know it you will be getting better and better at writing an effective blog post! Download the free Blog Post Format by pressing the button below!



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