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So it’s week 3 of documenting my online hustle. I’ll get straight to the point here. I’ve made $44 online this past week. I also made $60 in a poker game but that’s not part of this online hustle so we won’t tac that amount onto our “money earned”.

This past week’s hustle has been focused on promoting my online fitness shop iHustle Fitness. As of now still no sales and I’ve been open for shop almost a month now. That’s ok, because it’s usual, at the same time I’m not going for usual. I’m going for great. As should always be the goal. There have been quite a few product views, etc. even some additions to cart but no purchases yet. I’ve also created free shipping for orders $19.99 & Up, but I think a big problem is it’s hard to sell drop shipped items of gym apparel. That is because the market is highly saturated.

The reason it’s hard to sell drop shipped items is because customers see the wait time on shipping and are turned off. It takes a lot of time because these items are coming from China. Now I have a couple drop ship items coming from here in the U.S. but they haven’t sold yet either.
I made my $44 online this week through Fiverr. I’m continuing to keep my gigs open on that site just to help with expenses until I start making real money from this blog, my online shop and my health coaching services.
Here are some screen shots of the gig and what I did. The client sent me his t-shirts and I took a few pics with them, posted them on social media and my health and wellness blog, and made a blog post about the site and his products. He reviewed them and actually gave me a 5 star review immediately as I did give a lot of content and I delivered the project 4 days early. The trick with fiverr is you always want to get a 5 star review, people don’t buy from others who have anything under 4 and a half stars. I’m a 5 star seller on there, so that helps to get more attention, just like any other system it is a self rewarding system, the better you do the more opportunities you have.
fb screen shot
Sharing blog post/image on my FB page
HD Image 2 wearing client’s brand
HD Image wearing client’s product
ig image
My ig Image w/ hashtag and tagging of client’s brand
twitter 2 screen shot
Sharing link of client’s site on my second twitter account
Sharing link to client's site on twitter account
Sharing link to client’s site on twitter account
Screen shot of blog post of client’s site/business
Let me know in the comments below how y’all hustled this past week, whether you made money online or off, how did you do it, how much did you make and what was your take away or lesson learned from it?

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