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A Short Story On How TemplateMonster Turned Into A Marketplace

TemplateMonster’s Marketplace!

TemplateMonster started its work in 2004 when no one had the least notion how a website template could look. In addition to this, you wouldn’t even want to look at those websites which were developed at that time.

By the way, TemplateMonster consisted of five guys who made custom websites for people all around the world. A partner from the US helped to aim at Western countries and provided a little team with customers.

Actually, TemplateMonster is a mix of luck, professionalism, and tenacity that was rewarded by a multiplicity of loyal customers.

Yep, as we mentioned, the first thing is luck. There was a guy who could develop a great number of websites a day, thanks to his collection of DIY elements which he used to create layouts. It was the needed prompt, the thing that helped to understand what product can become really popular.

So, that was how TemplateMonster started to make and sell PSD templates.

Templates Comes Into Life

TemplateMonster’s Marketplace!

The next few years were marked by incredible growth that came together with various ups and downs. So, it was the time when TemplateMonster’s team needed to be persistent as never before.

In addition to this, the company had one more hurdle. It was the death of Flash that brought some difficulties with itself. So, this meant that everyone needed to get acquainted with completely new technologies.

It doesn’t matter how complicated it was. TemplateMonster did it in order to make its customers happy!

Something More About Marketplace

TemplateMonster’s Marketplace!

If we come back to the roots, it’s important to mention that TemplateMonster didn’t want to follow a marketplace business model. Yet, in mid-2016 the team rethought this decision and decided to prepare the website for grand changes.

So, now you have a superb chance to sell your products on TemplateMonster’s Marketplace!

Some time ago, not everyone could become a vendor. TemplateMonster’s team made a great search for the most talented web-designers all over the world and sent invitations to them. This is how they found a guy from Belarus who makes stunning WordPress themes. By the way, his income has already exceeded 20k. Without a doubt, it sounds incredible!

Some Q&A to help you to start your activity as a vendor:

TemplateMonster’s Marketplace!

Q.What types of products do you accept?
A.We look for the most in-demand digital products.

Q.How can I understand that my product is suitable for your marketplace?
A.TemplateMonster’s Review Team will inspect your products and make sure that everything works as it needs to work.

Q.What’s the cut?
A.70%cut from each sale for exclusive products, 40%cut for non-exclusive ones.

Q.What is the best option for me: TemplateMonster or ThemeForest?
A. There are plenty of opportunities offered by TemplateMonster:

  • You can sell both exclusive and non-exclusive products. You won’t be able to do that if you choose ThemeForest.
  • Our Review Team will give you an answer after 12 hours after uploading. ThemeForest inspects products within than 2 weeks.
  • You have no limitations. This means that you can upload an eternal number of digital products. Themeforest allows only one product submission to one category at a time.
  • Thanks to a ticket system, you can contact our review team anytime you want.
  • Vendors can assign more than one category to their digital products from their profile.
  • You can work with any payment system you want.

Keep in mind that TemplateMonster will implement a Quality Indexsystem which will give a ranking to all vendors whose number is growing every single day.
Become a vendor and spread the word about your talent worldwide!

TemplateMonster’s Marketplace!

Welcome to our Marketplace!

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