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A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, a few characters (none of who are I or anyone I know 😉) were slangin’ stolen cameras! It was a hustle, one in which I heard was exciting, profitable, however as you can imagine, that was a bit on the wild side. This ties into my recent post The Ebay Hustle because I personally am profiting right now from selling cameras. I am of course selling cameras that I legally purchased which were floor models, on sale, clearance, close out, etc. I in turn sell them for more than what I paid, but less than what is being offered in the marketplace. This is the retail hustle. This is my Ebay Hustle.


I Thought It’d Be Interesting To Share This Slangin’ Stolen Cameras Story

Again, it’s just a story I overheard from back in the day. And we’ll stick to that (lol). So what these characters would do is go to Wal-Mart or various other retail stores that sold cameras. They would have brought along with them a cheap $4.00 tool which they purchased at Home Depot. That tool would allow them to unscrew the display cameras from the display stands that held them in place. These were the cameras that they would eventually slang! With tool in hand, they would go up to the cameras, looking as if they were really shopping around. They would smoothly unscrew the bottom screw holding the camera in place. They’d place it down, look around some more, then come back to that camera and slide it into their sleeve. Or they’d slide it into their jacket if it was not a digital camera, and was too large for the sleeve.
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So What Good Is A Display Camera You May Ask

Well these hustlers knew they couldn’t slang just a display camera. They’d need chargers, sd cards, more batteries, etc. However if there’s a will there’s a way. And these dudes definitely found a way. With razor in hand, they could cut, then slide the SD cards out of the back of the hard plastic cases they were held in. I’ll let your imagination run now and figure how they got chargers, and batters, and accessories, etc. The point is these guys were getting these cameras, of course absolutely free. They’d then go out onto the streets, and slang ’em for $50 to $100 a piece. These were $400 cameras at the time, because digital cameras were relatively new. Not bad for a display camera huh?
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In the end, for me anyways, that’s too much excitement in one hustle. Again, this is just a story I overheard, but me personally I quite enjoy my current Ebay Hustle. It’s legit, sustainable, and actually more profitable because you never have to lay low when doing this hustle. I hope y’all enjoyed that story, I’ve “heard” many more hustle stories that I’ll roll out and share over time. I think it’s fun, entertaining, and morally appeasing to share these stories. The latter is true because hopefully others can learn that these illegal hustles aren’t really worth it. Or better put, that’s something that may have been done in one’s youth, not in one’s maturity. That doesn’t change the fact that, The Hustle Never Ends, not for me, and I hope neither for you. ‘Til next time hustler, deuces!
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