How I Use SEMRush To Improve My Website's SEO
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I want to share with y’all how I use SEMRush to improve my website’s SEO. Even if you are new to this online hustle you’ve certainly heard the term SEO floating around. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is extremely vital to a website’s success. For those who have no idea what SEO is check out my post on What Is SEO And Why It Matters. You can also check out a detailed report of SEO For Enterprises if you are a large organization.


What Is SEMRush

Straight from the organization’s bio SEMrush Inc. is a company known for its top-rated keyword research, business intelligence and online competitor analysis software. SEMRush offers a variety of metrics to help marketers understand their competition, general market and industry. Their tool is used to help develop advertising strategies and determine the general direction of businesses. SEMRush’s program requires absolutely NO software, simply log onto their site to use their tools. They offer free subscriptions and of course upgraded subscriptions at different prices.
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Who Can Benefit From Using SEMRush

For a blogger, niche site owner, small business or restaurant this article on how I use SEMRush to improve my website’s SEO will help a lot. The SEMRush Tool though is for ANY business or individual that has a website, period. I however am not a large enterprise such as Ebay, Amazon or Disney. All of whom who use SEMRush to improve the SEO of their respective websites. So I can only speak from my point of view of a blogger, e-commerce and niche site owner.

Why Would You Want To Use SEMRush

The same reason I use SEMRush. It allows me to have a clearer idea of what needs to be worked on in terms of achieving my SEO goals. For a small blogger such as myself I only use the FREE subscription offered by SEMRush. Of course as I expand and grow I certainly plan on upgrading my plan. When logged into my SEMRush dashboard I am able to see the top keywords being used to find my site. I am also able to see my backlinks, the healthy ones and unhealthy ones. SEMRush automatically sorts which links are good and gives you the ability to automate the process of removing the ones that aren’t. Also I see how I rank in Goole Search for each keyword or phrase as well as the volume of traffic those keywords are seeing.
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How Do I Use Their Tool

It’s simple actually. I’ve been using SEMRush for a couple months now, and as of now I just use their free tool. I log onto their website and enter my domain name into the tool. From their I take a look at the backlinks, the keywords being ranked etc. And from there I plan my future posts around the keywords that are working. I am also able to see the keywords that have a higher volume of traffic. These keywords are harder to rank high in, and I am able to see where I rank. More importantly I use those metrics to improve my ranking. The tool shows me which articles and exact url’s are getting hits for those keywords. I’ve also changed advertisements on certain blog posts because SEMRush has shown me what people are searching for when they stumble upon my article. So I change accordingly in order to maximize the potential for conversions on each blog post and page.
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In the end, SEMRush is a powerful tool that offers so much value from it’s FREE subscription alone. You actually don’t even have to subscribe, you can just log onto their site and use their tool. I’ve also provided their tool on this blog post itself. For those just starting to use it I suggest you experiment and follow the advice it provides. Simply enter your domain name into the tool and SEMRush will give you an overview of your SEO. It’s easy to get lost in SEO and trying to gain visibility for your site. It can take away a lot of your time and energy. Time and energy that should be focused on creating great content. That is why SEMRush is an excellent tool and something I highly suggest EVERY online marketer to use.
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