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Today I will review Printful and their t-shirt fulfillment and drop-shipping service. I’ve incorporated Printful into a few of my blogs and e-commerce sites and have found their end product to be of very high quality. They use well proven brands for their materials such as Hanes, Gildan and American Apparel to name a few. And their product line continues to grow. All you and I need to provide is the designs and we got ourselves our very own clothing line.

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First Off What Exactly Is Printful

Printful is a fulfillment and drop-shipping e-commerce solution. They are an on demand print company which will print your custom designs on materials such as t-shirts, hats and tank tops. They do provide a service for those who just want to order custom clothing for themselves. However they are most well known for their drop-shipping services. They allow online hustlers like you and I to make money in the e-commerce game without ever having to fulfill or ship a single product. We simply have to provide Printful with the designs, and they do the rest. You can easily integrate their platform into your online store. Any time a customer makes an order in your store, they are charged your mark-up price while you are charged the wholesale price. The entire process is automated, equating to a lot less headaches normally associated with running an e-commerce site.

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First Let’s Start Off With The Pros Of Using Printful

I personally use Printful for quite a few of my blog sites, e-comemrce sites and niche sites. That’s because of it’s automation. All I have to do is provide the designs, and I can easily create mock-ups and import the actual products into my online store. Once a customer orders, Printful does everything. I am in charge of how high I mark up my products, meaning I decide on what my profits will be. Of course each site I mark prices up differently, based on the demand and circumstances within those sites. I’ll give you an example though. I have a niche site where in I sell t-shirts and other apparel appealing to nurses and those in the medical field. The designs consist of snappy slogans or quotes dealing with things nurses go through everyday. Nurses make pretty good money and they are usually quite proud of their profession. So I’m able to sell these products at pretty high price.

Another pro about Printful is they are continually coming out with new products. And as they grow and expand they have kept their promises. Some of which include adding more factories to make delivery even faster regardless of which side of the country an order is made from. To this day I am amazed with the quality of their materials and finished products. I still wear some of the early shirts I had made when first getting into the e-commerce game. I use them as gym and running clothes and the designs have not worn off!

What I like best about Printful though is their customer service. Every time I’ve had a question or needed help it’s been easy to get a hold of them. Whether through online chat, email or telephone they’ve solved my issues immediately and courteously.

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Now Let’s Look At Some Of The Cons Of Using Printful

As much as I like Printful as with anything there are some downsides to using them. For one their materials are pricey. Meaning you have to charge quite high at times in order to make a good profit. Really this is the only downside of using Printful for your drop-shipping and fulfillment needs. That is why in the star rating above they rank low on profitability. Don’t get me wrong they’re still good in terms of price, because they don’t charge you anything except for what a customer orders. There are no monthly fees, etc. You only pay when a customer has already paid you. But again that’s why their materials are so costly. Because they take all the risk for you.

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So to wrap up this Printful Review, the only real downside to using Printful is the profitability. Of course as any salesman or marketer will tell you, if you market it right you can sell anything. What that really means is there is a way, you simply have to create the correct strategy and execute it well. If you are just starting off in the e-commerce game and want a low-risk, and low start-up capital business, Printful is a platform you should keep in mind.

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