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In this Oberlo Review we will go over the pros and cons of using Oberlo as your drop shipping solution. With the e-commerce industry in full swing, it’s easy to see why so many want to get in on the action. Billions of dollars a year are being spent by consumers online. The great thing about it is you don’t need a warehouse, a team of people or a ton of cash to sell online. All you need is a laptop, a website and a drop shipping solution. And one of the most popular solutions out there right now is Oberlo. So let’s get into my review of the Oberlo drop shipping solution.
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Let’s First Discuss What Exactly Is Oberlo

Oberlo is a drop shipping solution for the e-commerce platform Shopify. It allows you to source products straight from AliExpress and import these products into your online store. You are charged the wholesaler price, while you decide on how much to charge the end user (your customers). When customers purchase these products from your site, the suppliers on AliExpress ship to your customers without you having to lift a finger.
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So Why Would You Want To Use Oberlo When Selling Online

The retail industry was built on this model. The middle man operation; because the middle man can take some of the liability off of the consumer and the supplier. It is a great way to start selling online, especially if you have minimal to no start up capital. More importantly it is a way to get your foot in the door when you have no products of your own to sell yet. The basic plan of Oberlo is absolutely free. It allows you to easily import products straight from AliExpress into your Shopify store. It shows you automatically which products have free shipping and which ones do not. Once the items are imported into your store you are given full reign to customize and price products as you see fit. Furthermore it allows for shipment tracking and auto fulfillment, all this from your laptop or desktop!
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Why Would You Choose Not To Use Oberlo

I’d say if you have a great idea for a product that you will create on your own you may not need Oberlo. Especially if you have the capital to start, and a system of your own to sell online. Oberlo is not for EVERY online store. It’s a great way to get started in e-commerce. However once you’ve made enough from the drop shipping hustle, there’s even more to be made from creating and selling your own products. There are also alternatives to Oberlo that you may want to look into. If you use Oberlo, you will be sourcing strictly from AliExpress. Although there are thousands upon thousands of suppliers to choose from there, you still may want more options. And if you want extremely customized products to sell, than this would not be the drop shipping solution for you.
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In the end, Oberlo is an extremely easy to use drop shipping solution. I’ve started up dropshipping sites with this app in my Shopify stores that literally earned me profits within the first few days. It is in my opinion the best way to get started selling online. That is because there is a very short learning curve, and your mistakes will not be costly when using Oberlo. I will say though you will eventually want to do more than just source products from AliExpress once you start seeing a lot of success. As with any business you will want to expand and create something more your own. Once you get there I suggest checking out manufacturers in places like Maker’s Row. Though a solution like that is more costly it will provide you a lot more freedom in the creation process of your actual products. But again if you are just starting off trust me when I tell you Oberlo is the way to go!

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