First You Get The Money, Then You Get The Power, Then You Get The Women
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First You Get The Money, Then You Get The Power, Then You Get The Women

I don’t go out much these days, I don’t go out at all really. Though I could. But I’m obsessed right now. And I’ve been talking to a few women. Well, I talk to them sometimes. I for the most part ignore them. But I’m being patient, as much as I want to hook up with them, or perhaps take it even farther than that. I have something bigger in mind, and when I accomplish that I can get all the girls I want after that, maybe even settle into some semblance of a real relationship (lol). But again, I got my eyes on something bigger. I got my eyes on the money. Money, power, then women last.
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Putting Away Distractions And Remembering What I’m Doing This All For

I believe everyone and anyone can do what I’m trying to accomplish. Or what I’ve set out to accomplish. However people fall short because they lose patience. They want immediate gratification, and they want it yesterday. I too find myself becoming impatient. Which is the paradox. I’m impatient in achieving success to the point that all I want to do is work towards achieving it. Yet I’m so patient to the point that I won’t settle for anything less, therefore I’ll never stop until I get it. I remind myself that everything I want now, I can have ten fold, a thousand fold if I stick to the fucking plan. There will be changes along the way but I, just as you have to keep my goal(s) in mind, always. I have to remember what I’m doing this all for, and put away those distractions.
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Those Who See Success Have Been Doing What They’re Doing Consistently

And usually they’ve been doing it for quite some time. A lot of people see certain artists, or celebrities, or successful people in business, etc. and believe they just came out of nowhere. They got lucky, or this or that. That’s degrading. There are exceptions to the rule, to almost every rule. However, most people you see have been working at their craft for some time. Some almost their entire life. What has lead me to where I am now is a culmination of everything I’ve been through in life. It was a continual project, to better myself and my situation, and to finally figure out what venue(s) I want to take to do so. It was a process of figuring out what challenges to take up, and decide on which emotions I’ll allow to drive me. Along with patience I know I need to be consistent. One day, it will pay off.
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So Why The Scarface Line

I don’t, not anymore anyways, want to live my life like a Scarface movie. That was attractive when I was like 19, but is definitely not anymore, at the age of 32. However I do like that mantra of, first you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women. For me that means, first I achieve what I’ve set out to achieve. A lifestyle where in I make money in my sleep. A lifestyle where I make automated money online, in order to afford me more time, attention and energy for the important things in my life. I realized something, and I’m not sure if I can pinpoint it to one particular day, again it’s all a culmination of events and experiences. However it was definitely something brewing in my mind, whether I realized it or not. But I can recall one day running in my parents’ neighborhood. The same neighborhood I grew up in. It’s a nice neighborhood, by the lake, big houses, in the suburbs, all that good shit. Golf course, pretty views, for the most part friendly people. In my mind that day I was running, the thought arose that I can’t live anything less than this.


Of Course I Could Survive Much Worse But I Don’t Want To

When I say “can’t live anything less than this” I hope it’s evident that that is a huge exaggeration. I’m not sure the exact term, hyperbole perhaps? Wow, I just googled it and I was correct. I still have some remnants of a vocabulary, perhaps even intelligence in tact. The point is that I knew right then and there I have not only the opportunity, but the will and determination and most of all desire and ability, to live a life “this good” and better. A house in the burbs, nice car, nice life. My daughter well taken care of, never having to worry about money. And from there it started to snowball. It had probably been rolling downhill for sometime actually, I just wasn’t paying attention. There were a few events that opened my eyes perhaps, that I’m sure. In any case, fast forward to today and that snowball has turned into a mountain. A mountain of an idea as to how I want to live my life, and a daily drip (with adjustments here and there) of more ideas as to how to get there. Again I could survive “much worse”, I’ve done so before, but why the fuck would I not strive for the best situation possible?
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In the end I definitely am striving for the money first to afford the lifestyle I so desire. After the money, I will have the power to attain that lifestyle and more. And from there, once I’ve achieved all that, then I’ll get “the women”. That’s a metaphor, not necessarily referring to just women. But then I’ll go out more. Then I’ll indulge more because I’ll be able to afford it with little to no downside. People think of me now, friends etc., as funny. They think I just won’t go out and socialize, and I’m sure they think it’s weird. I don’t give a fuck. I talk to girls and I know they wanna go out, yada yada, so on and so forth. There’s really only one thing I want from them, right now at this point in my life. And I don’t hide it. If you have a goal, something you want more than anything, why the FUCK would you let ANYTHING get in the way of that? I know the answer, because I used to do it. However I could never see myself getting in my own way like that again.
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