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So I was recently turned on to this free Chrome extension called MailTag. It is actually a web browser plugin which I would not have thought to install, but once I did I realized how valuable it really is. MailTag allows you to do pull up reports on metrics which are usually only available on my paid email marketing platforms. Now don’t mix my words here, MailTag is NOT an email marketing platform. However it does one thing, and it does it exceptionally well. It provides notifications and reports on the emails you’ve sent out, including when they’ve been read and whether or not the links within your email have been clicked on.

Who Will Benefit From MailTag

Now, this is extremely useful for ANYONE who is hustling online. That means if you sell products online, if you’re an online marketer, or if you send emails period, more than likely you can benefit from the MailTag Chrome Extension.  This is a great tool for freelancers or people who do projects online or offline but communicate with others via email. That is because this plugin allows peace of mind, to know if and when an email has been opened and/or read. For online marketers, the reporting data can allow you to make better decisions as far as what content is really getting through to your readers, and which links are being clicked on.

What Comes With The Free Version

Included in the free version of this plugin are real-time push notifications and a fully functional dashboard with reports on when and how many times emails have been opened. Of course, since this is the free version, there is a branding stamp in each of your emails, with a link to MailTag’s website. A small “price to pay” for so much value being provided with this FREE service. As with any Chrome Extensions, once you add it as an extension a logo link will be shown in your Chrome Browser along with any other extensions you may have. This link will allow you to choose from going straight to your Dashboard, to Video Tutorials, to Support, to the ability to Upgrade, and even the ability to Refer-A-Friend. The cool thing about referring a friend, is that any friend who buys into the Pro version through your affiliate link, gives you one FREE month of the pro version.

What Comes With The Pro Version

The Pro version of MailTag is $6.95 a month, or $66 annually. What is included is everything that the Free version comes with, minus the MailTag branding in each of your emails. On top of that, there is Executive Service Support, which for less than $7 a month, is extremely affordable and very useful. Of course the Pro version also includes a 7 day free trial, so you can see for yourself whether or not  the Pro version is necessary for your needs, or if the Free version is all you really need.


In the end there are lot of things we use and have that are deemed unnecessary. Could you still run a successful online business without this Chrome extension? Sure, but you could also go through your days without a lot of other nice things, but why would you? And with absolutely no cost for the FREE version, I see no downside to installing the MailTag Chrome Extension. Know when your emails have been read, see the statistics on read and non read emails, links being clicked on, and more all with this free and easy to use plugin!

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