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On the Late Late Show last night Lady Gaga joined James Corden in his popular segment of Carpool Karaoke. And as expected…she killed it! Better put they both did! I love this clip which you can find below that was published on The Late Late Show’s YouTube Channel. Lady Gaga’s voice drives deep, and it’s insane how good she sounds on live television. I gotta add, I find her extremely attractive, which is enhanced by how comfortable she is in her own skin and her bold style. Something about a woman with talent, looks, and confidence, gets me all excited (haha). And I’ve always had a thing for girls who can sing. We’ll exaggerate on my little star crush a little later, first let’s get into the clip.
We can’t deny James Corden’s talent either on this video and all his other Carpool Karaoke segments. The two of them go over Lady Gaga’s popular songs, showcasing not only their singing talents, but comedic ones as well. We see James Corden trying on various lookalike outfits of previous Lady Gaga showings. From sporting the meat dress to the red veil on to the all white masquerade outfit we see James Corden acting a fool and giving us a good laugh.

We also get some insight into Lady Gaga’s songwriting and a recent achievement. Lady Gaga is known for being able to write a song in less than ten minutes (I try and write my posts in less than ten minutes, but that’s apples and oranges lol), and she verifies that on this segment by naming off a few songs in which she did so! She also let’s the audience know that she finally got her driver’s license, at the age of 30 (I’m 32, just saying). Her and James Corden not only kill in in the singing aspect of this video, they also killed it in the execution of the entire segment!

A few years after Lady Gaga had became famous a video was floating around showing her play piano and sing while she was in college, before she became the persona Lady Gaga. Those in the audience probably knew right then and there she was going to be a star. I usually listen to hip hop and rap and some pop. Albeit I don’t usually listen to Lady Gaga, however it’s just something I’ve known in the back of my head that she is EXTREMELY TALENTED. And seeing this video when I woke up this morning, again got me all excited (lol). However besides finding her hot as hell, she is even more attractive because of the talent and confidence she exudes. Well, I’ll let the video speak for itself.


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