It's Going To Hurt If You Want To Win
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Whether you’re an NBA head like me or could care less about the sport of basketball you’ll love this quote! Jason Kidd, the current head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks said, “It’s Going To Hurt If You Want To Win”. It got me thinking about the game of business and this online hustle of mine. As with anything worthwhile in this world, if you want it bad enough you will have to go through the hurt.
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Let Me Put Jason Kidd’s Quote Into Perspective For You

When I turned on the Milwaukee Bucks vs. Toronto Raptors game on earlier, the Bucks were getting their asses handed to them. They were down 25, and I almost turned off the television because I figured it was over. Then something special happened. Milwaukee made a couple shots cutting the lead down to 21. Toronto took a timeout and on the other side Jason Kidd gave his epic quote. The Buck’s star player, Giannis Antetokounmpo was already EXHAUSTED by this time. Other players were tired as well and feeling down from such a huge deficit. But Jason Kidd holds a lot of clout, considering his greatness and championship credentials during his time as a player. And the players responded! They not only wiped away that 25 point deficit, but even took a 3 point lead late in the 4th quarter.
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In Business & In Life It’s Going To Hurt If You Want To Win

Jason Kidd knows this because he won it all in 2011 (the greatest NBA Season ever in my biased opinion) with my home team Dallas Mavericks! And I see the realness of this quote everyday. It’s not easy what I’m doing here online to. Though the test is difficult, the rewards for passing are beyond what an easy road can provide you. Some think making money online is an attempt to take the easy road. I’m here to tell you most people fail because of the fact they think it’s going to be easy. Then they give up when it gets hard. Same thing in life, some people expect it to be easy. It’s not, especially if you are striving for a GREAT life. Of course, what is great differs amongst each individual. What doesn’t differ is the hurt each of us goes through to achieve it.
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So What Happened To The Bucks After They Made Their Run

Well, they still ended up losing. However for one bright moment they came back and literally shocked the world and their opponent. And though they did not win this game, I guarantee you they won in ways they can’t see yet. All the failures I’ve experienced have gotten me to this point in my online hustle. Every single one of those failures, and those players tonight will realize the same, taught me the most important lesson of all. That if you want to win, you have to NEVER GIVE UP! Cliche, I know. But it’s just the damn truth. I’ve been on this online hustle for a couple years now, and I remember the first year making ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. No money coming in, only money going out! But I knew just as Jason Kidd said, that it’s going to hurt if you want to win.
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Although the Bucks did not win, Jason Kidd’s quote was a part of the propulsion that lead to a moment of greatness for these players. It also lead to a moment of great, competitive sports television. You should have seen the crowd, and I wish I was in their just to experience it. When the Milwaukee team was making that run, the sound was deafening! And though the team will have to wait until next year for redemption, they will look back someday at that moment in deference of what they came back from. It’s a great reminder for me and the rest of y’all trying to accomplish these goals. Whether it be to create a lifestyle where in you make money online like me, or to win an NBA playoff game, Jason Kidd’s quote should burn in your psyche. “It’s going to hurt if you want to win”. But that makes the victory that much more glorious! The hustle never ends for me, neither should it for you! Until the next one, deuces!

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