How To Sell Online With Printful & WooCommerce On Your WordPress Site
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You may have seen my post on How To Use Printful To Sell T-Shirts Online Through Shopify. If you haven’t seen that post you should check it out. There I show you how to use Printful to import and sell t-shirts, hoodies and more on your Shopify store. Today’s post is for those who would like to do the same but through the WooCommerce & WordPress platform. What you have to have before doing any of this are the following. One, you need to have a PayPal account. The rest I will show you how to get.


Why Would You Want To Go The WooCommerce & WordPress Route With Printful

You would want to use Printful with WooCommerce & WordPress if you prefer the WordPress platform. As you may or may not know, WordPress is the most popular platform for making a website. It’s used by businesses, personalities, retail companies and more. It is the single most popular site-builder/content creator for bloggers. It is so for good reason. If you don’t have a WordPress site up yet, check out my step by step tutorial to get one up and running in about an hour and a half. Using WordPress & WooCommerce for your Printful store is great for bloggers, those who like more design freedom, and those who would like to spend less.
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So First We Have To Get The WooCommerce Plugin

If you already have WooCommerce installed then you can skip this step. For those who do not, from your WordPress dashboard hover over Plugins and click on Add New. From there, enter into the search bar “WooCommerce”. No spaces. And don’t put the parenthesis in the search bar. The first plugin that comes up should be the WooCommerce plugin. Install and then activate the plugin. From there you will be brought to the “Welcome To WooCommerce” page. First button you must click is “Let’s Go”. It will take you to page setup, just click the “Continue” button. Under Store Locale Setup, fill out the info as it pertains to your situation. Then you must decide if you want. Again press “Continue”. Next choose if you want your products to be inclusive or exclusive of tax. Again, press “Continue”. Next you will decide on Payment options. For now, let’s just choose Standard PayPal, enter your PayPal email address, then press the “Continue” button. And finally press the link on the bottom of the final page that says “Return To WordPress Dashboard”.

Next Let’s Register For Our FREE Printful Account

So if you click on my Printful Affiliate Link, you will be brought to the registration page for Printful. Now simply follow the on screen instructions for registering and creating your Printful store. Now let’s go back to our WordPress site and click on “Settings”, and than “Permalinks”. Make sure the settings has your permalinks as “Post Name” under Common Settings. Now under Product Permalinks fill in the circle that says “Shop Base”. Once you’ve completed that head back to your Printful dashboard and “Connect” to an ecommerce platform.
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Now Let’s Finish Integrating Printful Into Your WooCommerce & WordPress Site

Let’s head back to your WordPress dashboard and hover over WooCommerce and click on “Settings”. Then click the tab that says “API”. Make sure that the box next to “Enable the Rest API” is checked off. If it is not, click it and it will become checked off. Press “Save Changes”. Then head back to your Printful dashboard and insert your website’s url address into the space provided under Step 4. Then click “Connect”. For those using HostGator for hosting you will more than likely come across a “We detected” banner. It’s telling you your host is blocking Printful from connecting with your site. It’s an easy fix. Simply contact customer service from HostGator either by phone or chat and tell them you need them to fix “Whitelist Rule ID 1234234”. They will fix it immediately and your store will now be connected to your site! For those who did not use HostGator your site will have been connected immediately after pressing “Connect”. You now have your own online store!!!



Now that you have your own shop, you simply have to come up with your own designs. Printful makes it so easy to import the products you want to sell into your online store. You never have to ship anything or put the print on your t-shirts/hoodies/etc. Now if you are already blogging, or have a following on one of the major social media outlets, you already have your own “PERSONAL BRAND”! And if you don’t, even better because you will be set up for when that day comes. Having a Printful store on your blog/website adds an extra form of income, and more potential to profit from your site. I’ve embedded a video below for those who prefer to watch the step by step tutorial. There are also a few extras in the video, such as tips on where to get designs and ideas on how placement of your products within your site. I hope this tutorial will help you maximize your profit potential. As always, the hustle never ends for me, and neither should it for you. Until next time, deuces!


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