Thinking Like An SEO Marketer

In this day and age if you are doing ANYTHING online you should know how to think like an SEO Marketer. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is such an integral component in finding success online that one must master thinking like an SEO Marketer in order to compete! That means the mindset of how SEO works and how to apply it in your day to day activities requires us to always keep SEO fundamentals in mind.
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What Exactly Is An SEO Marketer

Well an SEO Marketer is just that, a marketer. However the difference is they are marketing with the end goal in mind of optimizing search engine results. And you don't have to be someone hired to that position to be one, or for it to be important for you to think like one. Any blogger, niche site owner, or e-commerce operator must know how to think like an SEO Marketer! Even YouTube YouTube creators all the way to people who run Fulfillment By Amazon businesses benefit from thinking like an SEO Marketer! So you are one of these people, even if you are just starting to create your online presence. Whether that be your blog, your online store or your affiliate website, getting put on the search engine "map" is essential for finding success online.

How Does One Think Like An SEO Marketer

It's really simple actually. In order to think like an SEO Marketer, one must first truly understand what SEO is. For a more detailed introduction check out my post on What Is SEO & Why It Matters. It'll literally take you less than five minutes to read and you'll have a really good understanding. After that, you just have to practice what you've learned. Every time you create a blog post, a webpage, a product, etc. you think about how the search engines work and apply that to what you create. For example, I make sure to repeat my keywords throughout a blog post. That's because when search engines are looking for "answers" to people's searches, they look for pages that contain those keywords. That's just a scratch on the surface of how to think like an SEO Marketer. However once you keep that in mind you'll figure more and more out over time. Basically as long as you are always mindful of the "RULES OF SEO" you will form your content to fit within those rules!
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What Are Some Of The Tools To Help Improve SEO Skills

A search engine is your first tool to help improve SEO skills! I'm serious about that. Simply observe what you type into Google or Bing and see what those search engines bring up for you. Even before you see the pages they suggest, see the keywords they suggest within that search bar! That's a hint as to some of the keywords and phrases being used around the web. Then once you see the search results check out the top hits. See how long those posts/pages have been around, how they format their pages and blog posts, etc. Also you can observe how they tie in that one piece of content to all the rest of their content or to their website. Another great tool to help you improve your SEO skills is Yoast SEO. I can't tell you enough how much this tool helps. Another great tool I use which is also free is SEMRush. Seriously once you get to understand SEO, check them out and their free tool. I can't tell you enough how much their analytics and reports have helped me to improve my rankings. And finally, once you start thinking about what keywords you should be using check out Google's Keyword Planner.
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How Do I Balance Creating Great Content While Improving SEO

Well actually creating great content is part of improving SEO for your website! Seriously, creating great content plus making sure content on your site relates to each other is still king of the internet. Let me say that again, as it holds true same as it has for the past 22 years. CONTENT IS KING! Whether that be blog posts, images, digital products, real products, etc. What is most important is what you put on your site. Because whatever it is, whether that be information, entertainment or products for sale, that is what is ultimately going to get people looking for your site. From there in order to balance it you simply have to use the tools you have at hand and your knowledge and experience. Constantly fine tune what you've learned and just as I said before keep unwritten SEO rules in mind while creating your content and you will be on your way!
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So in the end learning how to think like an SEO Marketer is necessary for online success but at the same time it is simple to do. Not necessarily easy, however it is simple. As with most things. Observe, practice, and improve. That's really all there is to learning how to think like an SEO Marketer, becoming a good one and in the end achieve your goals. There are so many ways to make money online, a lot of which are win-win situations. That means one party provides VALUE to another, and once people catch on to the value you provide it equates to traffic. And that traffic equates to higher rankings. And as you probably know by now, ranking number one on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the likes (of course depending on your keywords) can equate to an extremely profitable bottom line. Enjoy the hustle my friends, until the next one - deuces!

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