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As of this post I’m a relative noob in the drop shipping game, I’ll be straight up with you. However I’ve actually and am actually doing it, so I definitely have some insight into this hustle. Check out my site, iHustle Fitness and you will see my online fitness store, where in every product sold on there is a drop ship item.
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What Is Drop Shipping

For a brief description of what drop shipping is, it’s the act of selling items online, without having to store the items yourself, nor ship them. As soon as an order is placed on your site, the transaction goes through straight to the manufacturer, where in he charges you for the wholesale price, you then in turn receive the payment from the end consumer, covering the wholesale price and the dollar amount over the wholesale price is your profit. The manufacturer automatically ships that item straight to the consumer, and all you really did was advertise, or provide a way for those products to be seen by your chosen audience. That’s a very brief description of drop shipping.
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How I Currently Drop Ship

Currently, I use Shopify for my e-commerce site. From there I use an app, that is absolutely FREE called Oberlo. It allows me to go onto a site known as Ali Express and import products straight into my e-commerce site and change the price from their wholesale price to my retail price. This is a great and easy way to get started in the e-commerce game. Again, in business it’s a strategy, and keeping initial costs as low as possible can help build up your resources for future financial gains and moves!
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How You Can Get Started Drop Shipping

Go to Shopify and start your 14 Day Free Trial. Yes, click that link to get you started. From there, download the Oberlo app. And get yourself familiarized with Ali Express, and the products on there. You have to do your research as to standard retail prices, the niche you are trying to sell in and so forth. I will be going into more detail of those things in future posts, however the best way to learn is to JUST DO IT! Trust me, Nike this shit and you will start making money faster than just planning and researching and overanalyzing things.
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In the end, drop shipping sites can make you a lot of money. Some people stick to this business strictly, and do very well for themselves. Me personally, it’s a start. To building my own brand and building up my resources so I can make my next move. A few things to keep in mind. When looking into what niche to sell in, do your research. Seriously, that is not just planning, that is also acting and doing, and being proactive. Think of the guy/gal you are selling to. What are they into, what will they like, dislike, etc. But most importantly just do it, and experiment and over time you will learn what works and what doesn’t.

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