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So you’ve decided to build an online store! You may be asking yourself what to do next. Well first off celebrate, because you are on your way towards a fulfilling and potentially highly profitable journey. Just don’t celebrate too hard yet.

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Who Will Benefit From This Shopify Tutorial On How To Build An Online Store

Whether you already know what you’re going to sell or not, Shopify makes it easy to have your store up and running in no time! And if you don’t have any products to sell yet, no worries because I got you covered! This tutorial is great for those who already have a product or products they are going to sell, but even better for those who don’t! That’s because with the help of a powerful app on Shopify called Oberlo you can profit by sourcing products straight from the suppliers and importing them directly into your store!

How Exactly Is This Possible And Why Should You Use Shopify

For those who do not know yet, drop shipping is the name of the game. Again this tutorial will take you step by step to creating a BEAUTIFUl and PROFITABLE website. So if you already have your products ready you will want to follow along. However for those who do not have any products this tutorial will teach you how to source products straight from the suppliers and sell them on your very own online store! Now you may be asking “why should I use Shopify?” It’s simple actually, no literally it is extremely simple. Simple to use, fast and easy. Don’t get me wrong I’m a WordPress fanatic. And I sell on WordPress as well so if you’d like a tutorial on that check it out here. However you will see in the following tutorial as to why I also use Shopify to sell online.

How To Build An Online Store With Shopify In Less Than 30 Minutes

You have to stand in awe (at least I do) in what mankind has accomplished technology-wise. It is now 2017 and we have some POWERFUL applications and programs out there. Shopify is on the very top of those programs. With Shopify you are able to build an online store in minutes and literally start making money in minutes all from your laptop or home office. And it isn’t difficult to do, it is the very opposite actually. A 7 year old child could follow along and do this tutorial, I kid you not. So again, I stand in awe, and hopefully you will as well, as to how easy it is to set up your very own online store. So if you are ready to get started either click on the video below or scroll down to follow along with the written version. Of course you can use both guides at the same time! And don’t forget to sign up for your Free 14 Day Trial with Shopify!


Getting Started With Shopify


Signing Up

First go to shopify.com and click GET STARTED on the upper right hand corner. Then follow the on-screen instructions by filling out your e-mail address, password and store name. Don’t overthink the store name as you can always change the name later.

Initial Questions

After filling out your information Shopify will ask you a few questions such as whether you are new to e-commerce, if you are using other platforms, etc. These answers don’t really matter, the only one that does is at the very bottom there is a place to check whether you are a developer creating this site for a client. DO NOT CHECK that spot unless you are a developer. After completing that for you will be taken to another form which will record your personal info so that you can GET PAID! Upon completion click the button that says “Enter My Store”.

Picking Your Plan

Now you have to pick your plan. Again, you will be starting off with a FREE 14 Day Trial, but you must choose a plan. This is important for two reasons. One, you need to have a plan in order to put a professional domain (web address) to your store. Also, you can literally make a sale within a second after your store being published, and if you really start rolling you don’t want your store to stop after the 14 days. It is easy to forget to pick your plan later, so you definitely want to do it now. For that majority of you just starting off you only need the basic, $29 plan. Fill out your credit card info and don’t worry you won’t be charged if you cancel within the 14 days.

Getting Domain

Next we need to get a domain. From your dashboard, click on the card that says “add domain”. If you don’t see that card, click on online store in the left side of your dashboard. From there click on “domains”. If you already have a domain you can easily transfer it by clicking on the button that says “connect existing domain”. For most of y’all, you will be clicking on the “Buy New Domain”. You will want to do this in order to make your website professional and trustworthy. It will cost around $13.00 to purchase. Simply follow the onscreen instructions to get your domain set up. Now let’s set up your store!

Setting Up Your Online Store


Picking Your Theme

Your theme represents the appearance of your store. From inside out, it is the color scheme and placement that represents the mood and message of your online store. So once in your Shopify dashboard, click on “Online Store” in the left hand side. Then on the upper right hand corner you will see a blue button that says “Visit Theme Store”. Click on that. You will see a huge selection of themes from here. I highly suggest saving your money and ONLY getting a free theme. Now it depends on the type of store you are building and over time you will know which theme works best for your store. For this particular tutorial let us type “Supply” into the search bar. Once it pops up click on it. Then click on the “start with this theme” button. Then click “Publish as my store’s theme”.

Customizing Your Theme

From your dashboard, click on Online Store. Then in the upper right hand corner you will see a blue button that says “Customize Theme”. Click on that. First we will work on the slideshow. For all the images on my slideshow I made them sized “1800×900”. Whatever size you choose make them uniform. I use the following websites for FREE images: Unsplash & Stocksnap. Once you have your images, from the theme menu click on “Slideshow”. Then click the first “image” button. Follow on screen instructions to upload image, and repeat step for all of your slideshow images.

Customizing Your Header

From the same theme dashboard, click on the “Header” button. Here you can customize and add your logo if you so choose. I use logomakr to make my logos for free. There is also a spot below to add your message if you so choose. I like it as it puts a subtle message in the upper right hand corner for your customers. Don’t forget to press “Save” when you are done customizing your theme and header.

Setting Up Collections And Importing Products


Create Product Collections

We will now be creating different collections or “categories” for your products. Click on “Products” within your Shopify dashboard. From there click on “Collections”. In the title bar enter the name of your first “collection”. On my store the name is “Health”. Pick your name according to your different categories/products. Scroll down and check off the area that says “Manually select products”. Then press the blue “Save Collection” button in the upper right hand corner. Repeat this process for each of your “collections”. You can have as many collections as you need! For those of you who have your own products you can now simply go to the dashboard, click on “products” and start uploading your products! For those who have no products follow the next step.

Let’s Get Some Products Into Our Store

Now let’s get into the bread and butter of creating an online store! The products, the single most important aspect of any online store or any retail business period. From your dashboard on the bottom left you will find the link that says “Apps”. Click on that link. From there type in the word “Oberlo” in the search bar, or simply click here to install the app. Once the app is installed, you can now go to Ali Express to start sourcing your products! There is an extension automatically added to your web browser which allows you to import ANY product you see and like on Ali Express. Choose your products and import each one by clicking the blue button with the white tag attached to each product.

Transferring Products From Oberlo To Your Shopify Storefront

From your dashboard, click on “Apps”. Then click on the “oberlo” app. From there hover over the tag on the left side and click on “import list”. Title your products accordingly, fix your description and choose the images you would like shown on your site. Check out the demo site Best Product Benefits to see how the product, description and more looks like. You will also want to fix the prices accordingly based on your market research within the “variants” section. When you are done click on the green button that says “Push To Shop”. Repeat for each of your products on the import list!

The Finishing Touches For Your Online Store

You are pretty much done now and you can pat yourself on the back for creating a beautiful and profitable online store in under 30 minutes! All we have to do now is put your collections and products on the homepage! We will also fix the navigation (menu), some social links, and the footer.

Collections And Products On The Homepage

While in your dashboard click on “Online Store”. Then press “Customize Theme”. Click on “Featured Collections”. Under Content add each collection to this featured section. You can do as many as you like, in the Demo Store I did 3. Don’t forget to press “Save”. Next under the featured collections are your “Sections”, showcasing the first 4 products of each of your featured collections. Simply click on “section” and add your collection accordingly. Do so for each collection and you can add more sections if need be.

Navigation (Menu),Social Media, and Footer

Last step! While still in your theme dashboard, click on “Header”. From there click on Menu. If you want to add to your menu simply click on “Edit Menu”. You will edit your main menu, which is the top menu. You can also choose to change menus if you so choose, you can have a social media menu instead on top or whatever other menu you’d like. On the Demo Site I kept the main menu the way it was. However on the next tutorial video, we will be adding pages, blog posts and a whole lot more. So stay tuned for that. Now for the Social Media simply click on “General Settings” and then “Social Media”. Fill out accordingly and save.
For the footer menu, click on “Sections” then click on “Footer”. Check off the area that says “Show Social Media Icons”. Next click on “Quick Links” and then press “add menu”. Edit that menu to be your collections, or whatever you would like for your footer menu. Don’t forget to press Save.


You now have yourself a BEAUTIFUl and PROFITABLE online store! Now let me tell you the reason why most people fail in e-commerce (Seriously?!!!). Yes, seriously. That is because most people will give up too early. This is not a get rich quick scheme. This is though seriously life changing when you do SUCCEED in building an online store and making profits rather than salary. Give it at least 6 months, experiment A LOT, observe, and adapt accordingly. It will be the best decision you ever made in your life. Again, when you stick with it long enough, you will eventually figure out what will work for you and what won’t. On the next coming posts and videos, we will go over ways to promote your new store, spruce it up, and sell through different venues! The Hustle Never Ends for me, neither should it for you! ‘Til the next one, deuces!

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