making my first dollar online and how you can do the same
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How I made my first dollar online was simple yet it did not come easily. So I’m sharing this post with y’all so you can make your first dollar online, without all the mistakes I made. I made my first dollar online on this very website. And it was with one of those banner ads you see in the sidebar. Simple enough right? Again, it all goes back to keeping it simple. When it rains it pours because at the same time I also made my first e-commerce sale. That you can also do by following this step by step tutorial on how to build an online store. But first let me tell you how I made my first (passive income) dollar online.

I Made My First Dollar Online Through An Affiliate Ad Sale

Like I said, my very first dollar made online was right here on this site, through affiliate marketing. Which basically means someone came on my site, read my content and clicked on a link. Or in this case it was a banner ad. And whoever clicked on that ad also purchased a product from that company. And my affiliate program put my payment amount into my balance! There was no feeling like it. I was so excited I went on to write a blog post that very day about how it felt to make my first dollar online. Needless it say, it was simple. I created content that others wanted to see. And I made sure to put RELEVANT banner ads visible within or next to that content. You can easily do the same.

Some Of The Mistakes I Made Trying To Make That First Online Dollar

I truly believe I could (and probably will someday) write a book about all the mistakes I made trying to make that first dollar online. It was ridiculous what I was doing at first, but then again it all lead to me learning what I’ve learned. Knowing what I now know. Still, I want you to avoid these mistakes. First off I DID NOT PLAN at all how I was going to make my first online dollar. All I thought out was to buy a domain and create a website. On top of that I had NO web design experience, WordPress experience, etc.
I truly believe I could (and probably will someday) write a book about all the mistakes I made trying to make that first dollar online. Click To Tweet  
I built a shitty website that I named after my last name. Do not make that same mistake. Unless you’re famous or something, then maybe your name will carry more weight. So like I said I had no plan, and I was simply messing around with designing the site. I changed every week or maybe even everyday what the site was going to be. I’m telling you I didn’t even know about e-commerce sites, Amazon affiliate sites, blogs, or the sort. Long story short, PLAN how you will make your first dollar online.
Check out this easy tutorial to see how you can create a low cost e-commerce site with WordPress & WooCommerce without ever having to ship a single product!

Some More Mistakes I Made Along The Way

This ties into not me not having planned or strategized my online hustle prior to engaging in it. I started creating other sites. Before ever making a single dollar on the first one! But I will say this did help me to learn how to write blog posts, how to design WordPress sites, and how to create online stores. Again, I do not suggest it though, as you are better off focusing on ONE site at a time. Once that one site is up and making money, then go onto the next one. But before ALL of that, come up with a plan.
Learn to plan better. Learn to attack strategy. And learn to win in this online hustle BEFORE ever starting! All with this classic book which can be applied to not just making money online, but to every aspect of life!

So How Can You Keep It Simple And Earn Your First Dollar Online

Brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm. Honestly, think it out what you want to do for your first website. It DOES NOT have to be about topics you are particularly passionate about. What you are truly passionate about is making money online, creating passive income. So that’s the next step, after brainstorming what type of site you would like to create, do your research. See what niches are most relevant. This applies to any type of site you are making. See which niches are doing well, then choose a sub-niche within it to exploit. Follow YouTube videos such as ones I’ve created to design the right type of website for your niche. Create a schedule for blog/content production and publication. And most importantly find relevant affiliate products to advertise on your site! Once you accomplish those first few steps remember two key things. Stay consistent and continually learn more. You do that through experience and research.
Check out all my tutorials to see the different types of websites you can create to make money online, from E-commerce sites to Amazon Affiliate sites, to Google Adsense sites and more!

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