How I Earned My First YouTube Check
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I wanted to go over how I earned my first YouTube check and how you can do the same! I’ve said it before, making money on YouTube is perhaps my favorite online hustle. That is because creating videos is extremely rewarding and that’s without earning any money. The YouTube check is just the icing on the cake. So let me tell you how I earned my first YouTube check and then I’ll dive into the steps you can take to do the same.

This Is How I Earned My First YouTube Check

It all started by creating a channel. Well, I did just that back in 2009. The thing is I only uploaded one or two videos, which really didn’t earn me anything. It was a gaming channel, which could have grown into something. The only thing is I didn’t pursue it at the time. Fast forward to 2016 and I decided to start creating again. Only this time I was going to make videos based on the content I created on this blog. More so I was going to create tutorials that will help others accomplish what I’ve accomplished online. By doing just that I was able to get thousands of views on numerous videos. Also I started gaining new subscribers everyday!
Creating videos on YouTube is extremely rewarding and that's without earning any money. Click To Tweet  
Now if you are like most people you want to create a VLOG. Let me tell you right now that is great and all but it is not a surefire thing. More people go on YouTube everyday to search for solutions to their problems. That is why tutorial type videos and not VLOGS have the most potential for earning you money on YouTube. So I dove in on my own expertise and simply shared it with others. Actually at the time I started the channel I was simply sharing what I was learning along the way. You can do the same. And eventually you will want to and should create additional channels. One of which should definitely be a VLOG Channel.
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I Also Had To Do Some Marketing Of My Videos

You can have EXCELLENT content but it means nothing if no one knows about it. I was able to earn my first YouTube check partly because of the content. Secondly because I was able to lead people to that content. So how did I do it? The simplest way possible. Going into the editing section of my videos within the Video Manager and clicking on PROMOTE. Google Adwords works especially well when it comes to YouTube videos. Makes sense considering YouTube is a part of Google. Once your videos start to catch on you won’t need much more advertising. That’s because they will have earned enough “juice” to get them shown frequently in recommendations and other places, organically.
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So How Do You Go From Creator To Actually Earning A Paycheck With YouTube

Step One: Brainstorm ideas for what you can teach others.
Step Two: Start creating step by step videos on whatever it is you decided to teach.
Step Three: Publish one video a week.
Step Four: Promote each video with a $20 budget on Google Adwords.
Step Five: Share these videos in free ways through blogs and social media (the more backlinks the better).
Step Six: Continue to improve your content
Step Seven: Use the analytics within your YouTube dashboard to create better content and to connect with viewers better.
Step Eight:Stay persisent
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In the end you will get your first YouTube paycheck as long as you stick with it. How I earned my first YouTube check may differ a bit from how you will. However the main components will always be the same. Great content that provides value to others. Constantly improving everything from editing, to organization, to execution. And responding to people’s comments, staying active with your audience helps tremendously. Do this long enough and you will figure out on your own what works best for you. Once you see it trust me it will click. And you will be wondering why you didn’t start creating on YouTube much sooner!
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A little bonus to help you earn a little more from your YouTube videos. You can earn more than just “one paycheck” for your videos. That is you can earn multiple checks from various organizations, not just Google Adsense. Place your affiliate links within the description section of your videos. Do tutorials that involve using your affiliate products, etc. Also place links to your website within the description and on the video itself either through the cards of end annotations.

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