How I Make Money Through Flexoffers
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Note: This post contains affiliate links. This means that I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you subscribe or purchase something through the links provided. You will never see me post a link to a product or service that I don’t use myself or truly love! (Learn more here)
Flex Offers Revshare

What Is Flexoffers Affiliate Program

Flexoffers is an affiliate network program that brings advertisers and publishers together. They offer advertisers a place to unload their advertisements to publishers such as myself. Advertisers on Flexoffers range from the well known companies such as Nike, Macy’s and Barnes and Noble, to lesser known sites companies offering every product/service imaginable. It’s really a win win situation for both the advertisers and the publishers.

How The Program Works

I’ll speak from the point of view of the publisher (blogger, website owner, etc.) since that is more than likely the category, you the reader, is under. What you would do is sign up and register, absolutely free to From there you would fill out your information. You want to make sure and fill out everything from your profile, all your sites, and especially your account and how you will be paid. You want to do all of that first even before applying to different companies(programs) to advertise for. That is because you want to make sure if you trigger your payment threshold that there is no delays in payment. You will have to fill out your tax info and all that good stuff.


What I Like About The Program

FlexOffers Network Affiliate Program literally has EVERY organization or company you can think of to advertise on your site/blog. If they don’t have the company you are looking for, I guarantee they have a product/service that is comparable. And you can add numerous websites to one account, which is also really cool. People are raking in tons of cash using this affiliate network program, and you can do the same! What I also like about the program is there RevShare incentives. For every person you refer you make a percentage off of whatever that person makes in affiliate payouts. Refer to the following image to see potential earnings on top of what you make with your own affiliate sales!
Flex Offers Revshare Incentives


There are so many great affiliate network programs out there, and honestly too many ways to make money online through affiliate marketing and advertisements on your site. However if you are just getting started, Flexoffers Affiliate Network Program is a GREAT place to start!

Flex Offers Affiliate Network
Flex Offers Affiliate Network Program Free Registration
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