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If you have been following my hustle from the beginning you will know up to this point I have not made a single (automated) dollar online. That was until yesterday! I had done some freelance work and continue to do so online that has made me money. However as y’all know the primary goal is to make money while I sleep. And finally, I have done so. This accomplishment is even more fulfilling because of the fact that I’ve worked so hard and so long and I am finally seeing the results!
How It Feels To Make That First Dollar Online
Here’s a shot of my first dollar made online!


How I Realized I Made My First Dollar Online

I was actually in the process of writing a post. As was usual I logged into my affiliate dashboard to get some links to plug into my post. I was in the dashboard and for some reason my eyes glanced towards the number of clicks I’ve had in the past month. Now I’ve only been on this blog for about a month now (I’ve had the domain for sometime but just came back to it last month. And I’ve only had the affiliate links up for a couple weeks now. So I wasn’t expecting too many clicks, much less any sales. However there was quite a few clicks. About a hundred and fifty. But best of all, there were sales! I had made two sales and I did not expect it! Not yet anyways.
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What It Felt Like To See My First Online Dollar

As I said before, my primary goal is to create a hustle online where in I make automated money. That means the money rolls in even if I don’t “clock in” or “show up” to work. I’ve been working on this for a year and a half! I haven’t made a single dollar up until yesterday. So how did I feel?! I was fucking ecstatic! I don’t really talk to many people anymore lol, so I was like who the fuck do I tell this to! That’s the first thing I wanted to do, because I felt so excited, so relieved and so fulfilled at the same time! I had stuck with it! Even when I wasn’t seeing any results, I never gave up. And that made seeing my first online dollar all the more special, beautiful and satisfying.



My take away from this, is I’ve finally done something in the past ten to fifteen years that feels like a true accomplishment. I mean of course I’ve had some accomplishments since then, but nothing like this. I fell hard and for a long time after high school. I’ve never had a goal that I wanted as bad as this one. There were doubters along the way. I was made fun of along the way. I got discouraged at times, exhausted and burned out. However I was drawn to it. I was obsessed with all the different aspects of making money online. It wasn’t even about the money anymore. It was like the ultimate game. I love so many different things about this hustle, from being creative with my writing, to designing the websites, to marketing them and all that good shit. All the mistakes I made along the way and all the money I spent poorly or in bad judgement is made up for the fact that I have learned. As with anything, I would not be as good as I am now if I had not gone through what I had gone through.


For Those Who Would Like To Do The Same

I can say one thing here that I feel is most important for those trying to make it online. No, one word. Patience. Be fucking patient. I have to tell myself that everyday. Be patient and just do a little bit everyday, or every other day. As long as you’re putting in work and continuing to learn and get better, it doesn’t matter how many times you fail. Yes it sounds cliche but it sounds that way for a reason. Because everyone who has ever made it in anything in life had to go through that same process. Keep sharpening that sword (or whatever the metaphor is). Anyways if you’re interested in affiliate marketing and making money through the same program I do, check out my other post by clicking here.

Let me know what y’all think in the comments below, and for those who have already made their first automated dollar online, how did you feel when you did so?

My Real Life Reaction To Earning My First Few Dollars Online!

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