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It’s 2016, nearly 2017 and email marketing is more relevant than ever. In this post I will go over email marketing and how to build your subscriber list! Many people thought with the advent of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & Instagram followers that email marketing would become less relevant. I am here to tell you it is the exact opposite.

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What Exactly Is Email Marketing & List Building

Well for those who are unfamiliar with this concept email marketing is simply advertising through email. A lot of what you see in your inbox on a regular basis is email marketing. However when it comes to your inbox (and mine as well), a lot of those emails are ignored. However there are those few email subscriptions that you truly find valuable. Those are the ones you look for and actually read, even follow their instructions, or suggestions. This is the type of email marketer you and I strive to be. With the purpose of getting people to read our blog posts, click our affiliate links and shop on our e-commerce sites. List building is how you create that list of people to whom you will email market. And you build that list by building TRUST amongst your visitors and readers!
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What Do I Use For Email Marketing & List Building

I personally use Aweber for my email marketing and list building. Aweber is easy to integrate into your website and works seamlessly in sending out automated emails. They’ve been in the game a long time, so they’re well established. Being well established they integrate easily into Facebook, WordPress, PayPal, and more. The biggest thing for me is Aweber has exceptional customer service. Whether by email, chat, or phone, the support team is responsive, helpful and friendly. Every plan offers EVERY feature they have. The only times the price changes is based on the number of subscribers you have. Which makes sense, because each subscriber is potential “money” in your pocket. Starting off, the basic plan is $19. Of course you can get a free one month trial BY CLICKING HERE.
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What Are The Pros & Cons Of Using Aweber For Email Marketing & List Building

I will tell you for the most part it’s all pros when it comes to using Aweber. There are customizable signup templates. You have tons of other features such as RSS to Email (great for bloggers), subscriber segmenting, drag and drop editor (for your emails) and so much more! The only cons, or challenge I find is that you really have to put in the time to learn how to create your sign up forms. They have pre-made templates which you can use right off the bat. However if you’re like me, you want your sign up forms to look a specific way. With Aweber you have to learn to use their email templates and customize it based on their software. Other than that though, there is no real downside, other than what some argue, is the price. However, Aweber makes it so easy to automate your email marketing that it’s worth the price in my humble opinion.
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In the end, I recommend Aweber not only because they have a great product/service, but because it is what I personally use. I would never recommend anything on this site or to my subscribers that I didn’t believe in and use myself. That’s a key part of maintaining that trust within your subscriber list. That in turn helps build your list. List building is not easy, in that gaining subscribers takes time, effort, hustle. Again, this site is The Hustle Never Ends so we don’t mind hustling right? Check out the video below to see how I integrate Aweber into my sites, how I navigate through their dashboard, and some of the things I do to build my list!


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