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Considering how much I use Fiverr I felt it only right that I share which gigs are worth your attention. Fiverr if you don’t already know, is a place where you can hire and/or be hired for freelance work. The freelance work consists of almost ANYTHING you can think of. However it can be a shady place if you don’t know how to navigate through it. Worst of all, you could get burned (scammed) if you’re not careful. I once got scammed out of $2,000.00. The shit you do, to try and make money…sometimes costs you more. That’s why I’m here to help you, from one internet hustler to another, I want to make sure you get the most out of Fiverr!


Let’s Get Into Some Photo Editing First

A lot of the look and feel of your website comes from the images. The images are very important and can not be overlooked. It’s a sign of laziness or lack of attention when people have these websites with bad images. What constitutes a bad image? One that doesn’t blend well with the rest of the site. One that’s colors don’t look good. Or if you have an all white background like most e-commerce site, and some of your product images have do not have an all white background. That’s the worst! So to help you with that my go to gig on Fiverr for photo editing is this Photo Editing Gig. The seller has hundreds of sales, nearly perfect rating, and does an effective and speedy job!
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Now Photos Aren’t The Only Media That Goes On Your Website

There are a lot of cool things you can do and put on your website to make it stand out and attract more visitors. There are videos, sliders, and something called whiteboard animation. This is a really cool way to inform your visitors of what you are selling, what you are about, or what it is you do. Check out this gig by clicking here. Also I mentioned videos, which are usually uploaded to YouTube first, then embedded onto your site. You want your videos on YouTube and your website to look professional. This gig does a great job of editing videos to your specific needs. And this gig will create a great intro for your videos. You want a nice intro because it’s like putting a brand on your videos, people know it’s from you. You can check out any of my videos on My YouTube Channel and you’ll see that I brand it with the same intro and same outro for every video.
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It’s Not Enough That You Have A Great Looking Website And Great Content

If you don’t have visitors, it’s pointless. Seth Godin spoke about this in a recent interview with Marie Forleo. If you’re an “artist” you have to put in the work to get your art seen. This goes for any trade, as you can be an “artist” in ANYTHING! And in our case, our art is our blog/website! So to help you get more traffic to your site, here is a gig that will create great backlinks to your site at a low price. These backlinks are not the end all solution for your SEO, but they are the beginning of it. Also very important is the management of your social media. This adds to your SEO, traffic, and overall brand awareness. Check out this gig for a low priced social media manager!


As I said in the beginning, be careful what you get into when it comes to Fiverr. There are people selling shit on their, to straight up selling pipe dreams. But if you know what you’re doing, Fiverr can help tremendously in getting jobs done and saving you tons of money at the same time! I even have a few gigs of my own on there, which you can Check Out For Yourself! As always, the hustle never ends for, and I hope it never ends for you. ‘Til next time, deuces!
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