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So before we get into the details of HOW to earn money through affiliate marketing, let’s define what exactly affiliate marketing is. defines affiliate marketing as “a way for a company to sell its products by signing up individuals or companies (“affiliates”) who market the company’s products for a commission . … As the business driving an affiliate program, you’ll pay your affiliates a commission fee for every lead or sale they drive to your website.”
So you are obviously not a business driving an affiliate program. No, you are the affiliate who will get a commission for every lead or sale you drive towards an organization. Whether that be strictly driving customers to their website or directing customers to make a purchase from said organization, depends on the terms between you (the affiliate) and the organization you are marketing for. Pretty self-explanatory correct?


So How Do People Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing

Now for the most part you are going to be paid for every sale that results from someone clicking on a banner or text link on your website/blog. That means when someone clicks on an ad you placed on your site, then they go and to purchase something, you will get a commission off of that purchase. It could be a small percentage, a rather high percentage, or a specific dollar amount. Now there are also instances where you can get paid when someone clicks on one of your links, without even purchasing anything. Examples of that are Google Adsense and Click Bank Now Click Bank is not purely ppc, or pay per click. However Google Adsense most certainly is.
In a pay per click type affiliate program, you will be paid (usually in cents) for every click on an ad made on your site. Now, if you are looking into Google Adsense I have a few things to tell you first. One, they are very strict. I know because I once was a Google Adsense member. However I got kicked off, just on the suspicion of false clicks or traffic. Also when it comes to Google Adsense you do not pick what is advertised on your site, Google does that for you. Now the positives of this program though is that it is very lucrative. All you really have to worry about is getting traffic because Google (obviously) know what it’s doing. And as long as your content is good, and people are showing up to your blog/site, you will more than likely generate quite a bit of money with Google Adsense.
Now I won’t go over the steps for this type of affiliate marketing, rather I will point you towards a step by step article to make money with Google Adsense. Click here to learn more. Now the type of affiliate marketing I earn money from, and the one in which I will be providing you a step by step guide to is the type where in you advertise products/services on your site and when someone clicks on your “affiliate link” and makes a purchase, you get paid for it.

The Steps to Earning Money Through Affiliate Marketing

I’m going to make this real simple. I will break this step by step guide to earning money through affiliate marketing into 3 steps. But first off let me tell you we will go step by step and in detail (plus video at the bottom of this post) through one specific affiliate network. However I will give you the links to a few different networks to choose from. My suggestion is do just as I do, and join many different affiliate programs until you find the one(s) that work best for you, or make you the most money. Also, when doing this we are going to assume you already have your own blog/website. If not, please click here to learn how to make your own website.

Step 1 – Find An Affiliate Network

Now any company you can think of probably has an affiliate program. Some of them even run it on their own. You could google that and apply from there if your desired company so has one. However I find it easier to join an affiliate network because these networks will more than likely have the company you are looking for, or products, or niche of products you want to advertise on your site. There are so many affiliate networks to choose from. For now I will give you my top 3. Flex Offers Affiliate Network is a great place for ANYONE to start affiliate marketing. Another affiliate network I use often is Share A Sale. This is also another great place to start. And finally, my third, and probably least used but still a very good affiliate program is the Rakuten Network.
Now if you are to click on any of the links I just provided, it will take you straight to the registration page of that respective affiliate network. So that is all for step one, pick a network. Now for this tutorial and for the video at the bottom of this post, I will be using Flex Offers Affiliate Network. Once you’ve clicked on the link, complete the 4 step application process on that page.

Step 2 – Apply To Your Desired Advertisers(Companies)

After applying to the network itself and being approved, it is now time to apply for the actual companies/products/services you will be advertising on your site. Now the process I go through when deciding which advertisers to apply for is simple. I think of my end users, the readers, the people who go to my blog (or the people I believe will go to my blog once it is set up). I try and step into their shoes and think what types or products/services would they be into? Now there are some things that everyone is into, like CLOTHES. Most people wear clothes (lol). Food, electronics, stuff like that. However if your blog is a health and wellness blog, you probably don’t want to be advertising potato chips. So for a blog such as mine, I like to advertise products that can help others create their own website, be more productive, and help the make money online. I also like to advertise certain fashions/clothes that I believe some (not all, it’s impossible to please all) of my readers would be into.
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There are other things I consider as well. I personally would advertise condoms on a blog, not only because I’m an advocate for safe sex but also because that’s something people nowadays have the convenience of getting online and would probably choose to do so over buying it at the store. These are the things you want to think of when applying for different advertisers. Now I personally apply to a large variety of product/company types because I cover a wide range of topics over numerous blogs and also because i have numerous other sites in various niches. Once you apply to your different advertisers you must wait until you are approved.

Step 3 – Place Approved Advertisements On Your Site

Now we are putting the money on your blog. You want to be strategic, as in anything, as to where and when you place links/ads on your site. Have you ever been to a site where you felt put off by the extreme volume of ads on that site? I know I have. I truly believe in playing the long game, thinking of the long term. You may have something good, but you can fuck it up real easily by over saturating your site with advertisements. Now a general rule of thumb for me is I want the site to be aesthetically balanced. I like my advertisements to blend well with the site.

This site, The Hustle Never Ends has a certain theme/mood as does each of my sites. This one I feel has a slightly dark theme, yet has bouts of purples and blues throughout. And it has a pre-dominantly white background. So when picking advertisements I won’t even use them if they throw off the look of the site. Again, I’m thinking long term here, marathon shit. Now I make sure and put advertisements/links in EVERY blog post (article). I also make sure each page has at least one advertisement. I say use your judgement and gut instinct, and if all else fails, go to popular websites/blogs and copy how they place their advertisements.


After placing your ads you are good to go! Now you just have to wait for the money to start rolling in…just kidding. You obviously have to do more than that. You have to bust out some fucking content. And good content at that. But you already know that. What I would say though is you need to keep an eye out on your advertisements and the progression or evolution of your site/blog. Roll with the changes, and apply that to your advertisements accordingly. For a quick on screen step by step guide to earning money through affiliate marketing check out the video below! Oh and don’t forget to comment, like and subscribe if you feel as though this post is worthy of that. Until next time hustler, deuces!



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