These 5 Books Helped Me Succeed In Making Money Online

Today I'm sharing 5 books that helped me succeed online. There comes a point wherein life bleeds into business and vice-versa. Hence the lifestyle category I've created on this blog. My success online has a lot to due with things I do OFFLINE. One of those things is reading. These 5 books have helped me to expand my perspective, be more productive and be more disciplined. Of course these 5 books have also helped me to succeed in making money online!

The Art Of War

On the top of my list is definitely The Art Of War. You may be wondering what a book about war has to do with making money online. If you don't already know, The Art of War is actually a book about strategy. The strategies you learn in this book can be applied to everything and anything you do in life. Including finding success online. This book has helped me to approach all aspects of my life differently. And because of that I've been able to apply what I've learned from this book to my online hustle.

Thinking In Systems


I'd say to anyone that wants to make money online you have to read Thinking In Systems. It will actually change not only how you approach your online hustle, but how you see the world. All of these books in my top 5 will actually do that. That's what a great book does. Thinking In Systems has helped me succeed online by creating SYSTEMS to make money online. Rather than just going gung-ho it is important to come up with a system or funnel for making money online. And this book helps you to open up your mind to be able to do so.

The Tipping Point


The Tipping Point turned out to be A LOT MORE than just about business and marketing. It is an extremely powerful book that will make you change the way you see the world. Do you see an underlying theme in these books? Again, like I said a great book will do just that while at the same time drive home it's main topic or point. This book's point is to show you how epidemics begin and end. The good and the bad ones. And for those trying to make money online this book is essential. That's because in order to succeed online you have to know how to start your own epidemics. Whether it is in e-commerce, blogging, affiliate marketing, etc. Epidemics or what the online world calls "going viral" is what will bring in the dough!



Seth Godin is a marketing GOD, never mind guru. And he comes out with another hit as expected with his book Tribes. A lot of what I've done here on this website is based on this book. Tribes expresses the importance of leadership and bringing people together. Hence the name of the title. What I've created on this blog is my own mini tribe, which my readers are all a part of. It is extremely important to see the world in this way and how humans behave. We are tribal, and we create tribes within tribes and so on and so forth. How each of these groups behaves and works together plays a huge role in determining overall success.

How To Win At The Sport Of Business


Mark Cuban is someone I've always looked up to, not just because he's the owner of the Dallas Mavericks. I may be a bit biased. In all honesty his book How To Win At The Sport Of Business played a huge role in helping me find success online. It is always helpful to read someone else's inspirational story. Cuban's is one of taking risks, going with one's heart and working hard. More importantly it is a story of working smart. I highly suggest to all my readers to check this book out as it provides more than just a story. Mark Cuban shares what he did to succeed, and those nuggets are worth their weight in gold.

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