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So it’s been asked a few times lately here on The Hustle Never Ends, Why Should I Use Shopify? And that was a question I asked myself also when I first started on my e-commerce venture. If you haven’t seen my e-commerce site yet which is proudly powered by Shopify please check it out. If you’re here on my blog than you know I keep it real all day everyday. So I will tell you why you would want to use Shopify and why you may not. I will tell you the pros, and the cons – as I always do.

First Off What Is Shopify

If you’re here, reading this you probably already know Shopify is an e-commerce platform for individuals such as you and I to sell products online. These products can be physical (shipped products), digital (downloaded products), services, and more. Shopify is an all in one platform. That means hosting, websoftware, everything you need to start and run your online shop is provided by Shopify. Shopify also provides what are called “Buy Buttons” that allow you to sell on Facebook, on another website, Pinterest and more. This can be done on top of having your own site, or alone (Buy Buttons only would be significantly cheaper). For prices Click Here.

Why Should I Use Shopify

Back to the question at hand. If you are serious about your e-commerce site, by that I mean you are willing to get an actual domain name (www.yourstorename.com), Shopify will allow you to do so easily. They will literally have your site up and running within a couple minutes. And you can start off without even entering in your Credit Card information, with a free 14 day trial. Now you will get the trial free, but of course you have to pay for a domain name (What’s a few dollars compared to the killing you’re about to make with your new online store!). I love WordPress, don’t get me wrong, and I will always use WordPress for my blogs, and other websites, however when it comes to e-commerce I use Shopify and one reason is because of this. If you use WordPress more than likely you are getting your hosting from another source such as Hostgator, Godaddy, etc. etc. That’s all good, but for those who are brand new and want something easy, Shopify is the way to go. Again, you want to focus on what you do, and let someone else (who is great at what they do) do those things.

Why Should I Not Use Shopify

I told you I always keep it 100. So here are the reasons why you would not want to use Shopify. You would not want to use Shopify if you are a programming wizard and has all the time in the world, and loves to design his/her own site in a very meticulous and specific way. You wouldn’t want to use Shopify because you quite frankly would be able to do what Shopify does and save on the hosting rates. Now with that said, you also may not want to use Shopify if you wanted to go with one of it’s competitors, say BigCommerce, Magento, etc. All of them are good, seriously, like I said before there are so many platforms out there, many of them great, and it’s just a difference in semantics, preferences, etc. You may like the way BigCommerce’s platform is set up and the way it flows over Shopify’s. In terms of pricing, they are all very similar, but I will say Shopify charges about half a percent more than it’s competitors for the profits you make. So for every sale Shopify will get x.x percentage, depending on the plan you pick. That is for almost all e-commerce platforms. Again, Shopify’s is a half percent more than BigCommerce, so that may be a reason why you wouldn’t choose it. Other than that, I have no other cons for Shopify.


In conclusion, I say this with utmost certainty, that Shopify’s pros heavily outweigh it’s cons. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of people making tons of money using Shopify! The same can be said with it’s competitors I’m sure, but Shopify from my experience has a couple things which are why I choose Shopify over it’s competitors. One, I love it’s community and support. They are from Canada, and although I’m American, even I can admit they’re nicer up there (lol). And Shopify is so established that there are Facebook groups, online networks, and other e-commerce incubators with large communities dedicated to using Shopify. That means not only does Shopify work, and in a way where many people are pleased with how it works, it also means there are so many “experts” in using Shopify. The simple fact that you can go anywhere online, Youtube, Facebook, etc. and find some one who uses Shopify is a step up because you have someone you can learn from when using Shopify.
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