Why Money Matters
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I have to attack the elephant in the room right now. It’s October of 2016. Election season is in full swing. This year we have Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton. As is usual here in the U.S. there are no other relevant candidates. I mean come on it’s America, a 2 party system, which for the most part are just two opposite sides of the same faction. Whomever you choose (or better put whomever you feel is worst so by default you pick the other), there is one thing this election has taught me even more than ever. Money Matters. Yes, it has shown me exactly Why Money Matters!
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What Does Money Have To Do With This Election

Everything. Again, money matters. It matters in this election as previous ones, but more so this time around because of how close we have come (as of this post I’m still confident it won’t happen) to electing a hateful idiot by the name of Donald Trump to lead our nation. Actually let me go a little deeper. The reason he’s so close to becoming president is because of the hateful idiots who have fantasized about many of the actions Trump promises to make. Not knowing they would actually be voting for someone who for all intents and purposes is against their self interest. And I say money matters, because this is a reminder that those who rule this nation, those who have actual say, sway and power are those who have MONEY. So many of the masses are still under the belief that we live in a TRUE DEMOCRACY. Which is untrue. I will dive more into that in my long essay The Democracy Delusion. The point is that true power and real decisions reside and are made by the wealthy. Plain and simple. And that is why MONEY MATTERS!
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So Is It All About Money

Of course not. If anything money is a means to an end. The problem is so many of us get lost along the way. There are bigger things than money, and there are ways to make a point and to even change the course of history WITHOUT money. Take for instance Mahatma Gandhi. However really, do you want to go that route? It’s noble, but I have one life, and my kid, those I love, just as much as me want me to be around to enjoy that one life. In the right circumstances I would make a stance, don’t get me wrong when it comes to future generations that alone is enough of a reason to make such drastic sacrifices, but in my mind, being in my 30’s and over my idealistic 20’s I’ve come to realize I can do more good for future generations by making MORE MONEY.
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Back To Why Money Matters

Money matters for so many reasons. It is plain and simple the system we are built on right now. I don’t see that changing much in the future. I mean at one point it was all about land, but those days are again. Could there be some new form of “currency” in the future, perhaps but it will be quite similar to what we have now. Therefore money still matters and will matter for some time. It matters to those who want financial freedom, time freedom, and most importantly the power to make changes in the world, whether that be positive or negative depends on the person. Personally money matters because I know I have very little sway in this world without it. Even with lots of money I will still be very limited, as governments are all too powerful, however I would have much more say in things than I do now, or than the average joe does. Is this a harsh lens to see the world through? Perhaps, but I pride myself in being as real as possible.
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How To Make More Money

Why money matters the question leads us to various answers. If we so choose to validate the question those answers could range from “helping others” to “living the life we desire” to “security” to “safety” and so much more. It could equate to the financial security of future generations within your family, which for me would be one of my ultimate end goals. For me money matters especially because I don’t want to be limited. We have enough limitations in this world, money should not be one of them. Which leads me to the next obvious question, how do we make more money? Or let me speak from my point of view, “How do I make more money?” Personally, I have a plan. As I preach on here at The Hustle Never Ends, making money online is the future. The old construct of going to school, going to college, getting a 9-5, blah blah blah is fading. There are so many venues it’s actually insane that there isn’t more emphasis on raising/training kids in learning to become entrepreneurs/creators of businesses/ideas and so forth. Not necessarily just online, but business period. Creating something, period. That’s really what humans are good at. And if you can create something great, than you can make money.
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In the end, again money isn’t everything. However I hope I have explained why money matters in today’s world and for future generations. I also hope I was able to explain the importance of CREATING something or BUILDING something, rather than just becoming a “worker”. Yes becoming a worker is a start, however the end goal should be something greater.


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