Why Halloween Has Always Been My Favorite Holiday

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday for a few reasons. One is it is just plain cool. Dressing up, being whoever you want to be for a day, neighborhoods and whole communities participating together, interacting with each other, what other holiday promotes such behavior? The haunted houses, the dress up parties, the trick or treating! And Halloween didn’t’t stop being fun once you became a grown up. No it became even more fun! The clubs, the parties, the girls in their skimpy Halloween skirts, etc. And as you became even more grown up, having kids of your own and watching them enjoy Halloween as you did as a child. This holiday is truly special. But what makes Halloween so great is how different it is from any other holiday.
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What Separates Halloween From Other Holidays

Holidays can be a funny thing. We celebrate holidays for so many different rhymes and reasons. You have your Hallmark holidays like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. That’s cool. Nothing extraordinary but cool. You have Christmas, Hanukkah, and these other religious holidays. They bring families together, which is cool too. You know where I stand when it comes to the basis of those religious holidays. Just like Halloween I suppose, but the difference is people don’t actually celebrate the superstitions this holiday was based on. Yes I know we have some people who celebrate Day of the Dead, All Souls Day, etc. And they believe in that. Ironic because many of them are Catholic, which doesn’t coincide with a lot of what Catholicism proclaims to be “true”. Back to my point, Halloween has changed into something which in modern day is fun, and not based on belief in the supernatural.
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What Halloween Means To Me And Many Others

Now as I said before I celebrate Christmas, Easter, fuck I’d celebrate Hanukkah if I knew how to. However I know with utmost certainty there was no man born of a virgin, or some supernatural being (god) that protected the “chosen people” for however many days, etc. etc. I celebrate those holidays the same way I do Halloween. I celebrate them for the fact that they bring people together. I celebrate the gift giving, drinking of egg nog, hunting of easter eggs, etc. However I do not celebrate the idea of someone getting fucking crucified to relieve a group of people of their guilts and responsibilities (sins). But Halloween is the only holiday where people celebrate it just as I celebrate all those other superstitious based holidays.
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That’s what I love about Halloween. Think of all these other holidays where people base it on the supernatural and still believe in that supernatural. Does it bring people together? Halloween does. Yes you have holidays like Independence Day, Memorial Day, but it doesn’t engage people into a community like celebration like Halloween does. Also, a lot of those days brings out nationalism and other ugly traits, and still separating traits within its celebrants. That is not so with Halloween. If you celebrate Halloween it does not mean you are on one side of this or that. And everyone who participates interacts with each other, at least within their respective vicinity. That radius goes further than any other holiday.
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In the end, Halloween has always been my favorite holiday because it’s fun, engaging, and exciting. People dress up and play fairy tale, without actually BELIEVING the fairy tale. I love Halloween because I think it’s a shining example of what these religious/superstitious based holidays can eventually become. I think as generations become smarter, progress and evolve, you can see more and more people celebrating Christmas even though they don’t believe in a guy named Jesus. They celebrate the fairy tale of Santa, while knowing there is no such thing as a jolly good fellow breaking into people’s houses through their chimneys dropping off gifts to those who have been nice. Not naughty (lol). That’s why Halloween is so great. It shows hope. It shows what society can strive for when we put the supernatural bullshit away, when we celebrate fairy tales, the beautiful parts of them anyway, all the while maintaining the boundary between what is real and isn’t. So this October 31st, I wish you all…well…a Happy Halloween! And I hope you take to heart what I’ve said. I hope you go out there and get in the festive spirit and continue to show the world how much fun Halloween is, how much fun a holiday is when we put away the bullshit. Halloween is a holiday that brings people together, rather than separate us into different groups, and that is something we can ALL CELEBRATE!
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