What Is The Dream?

I think it’s important to constantly remind myself (and by doing so inadvertently remind y’all, my readers) what is the dream. By that I mean what am I doing all of this for? The other day I was so caught up in building this blog, working on my e-commerce site and my health coaching services site, that I had little to no quality time with my daughter. The whole point of this online hustle of mine to begin with was to have MORE TIME, for myself and most importantly for my little girl. This is part of the dream, and let me dive into the rest.

The Dream

The dream. WHAT IS THE DREAM?! The dream is to create a life. No, not another baby. Let me word that better. The dream is to attain the life I have envisioned for myself. This life is one of financial and TIME freedom. That time freedom comes from having money, but it must be money made on a more automated basis. In other words the dream is to make money online, have a system and business in place where in the money rolls in even while I’m sleeping, or spending quality time with my daughter, or taking time to work on myself. The dream is out there, yes believe that. Believe me! You’ve seen people talk about it, show off about it, well if they can do it, so can you…and so will I.

More Detail As To What Is The Dream

Let me get into more detail as to what exactly the dream is and how it came about. I realized one day that I need money, more money than what I already have. Maybe that’s a personal preference, it could be looked at as greedy, but hear me out. I want more money because I don’t ever want to have to worry or stress about “can I afford this”, or “can I afford that”. Okay, nothing new right, everyone feels that way. Well, let me turn it up a notch. I want that PLUS I want TIME. Meaning, I have both money and time and most importantly presence of mind. When you’re caught up thinking about bills, or work, etc., you aren’t present in the moment, or you’re not as attentive as you can be.

Attention Is Part Of The Dream

Being attentive is something I find very important. Not just the fact that I have been actually diagnosed as having ADD, but I know myself quite well, and I know how difficult it is for me to PAY ATTENTION and stay in the moment. I’ve held a couple substantial positions where in the potential was there to eventually make a lot of money. Or at least to make quite a good living off of. But I was consumed with the work. When I wasn’t at work I was thinking about how to improve my work. How to market the company better, etc. etc., whatever it was, it was consuming my mind. And that was taking attention away from myself and from those closest to me.

Chasing The Dream

I’ll admit, it may be even worse now, because I’m in the beginning stage of building something. Something that I know if done right, will help me to accomplish my dream. And that is just part of it, a sacrifice I must make, or more so, the choices I must make on what to prioritize now. I just have to make sure I get back to prioritizing what’s most important before it’s too late. So I’ll keep chasing this dream, until I find myself waking up to the fact that I’m not dreaming anymore. I’m LIVING…


…living the dream that is. In the end, the core of what I’m striving for is a lifestyle that allows me to ENJOY my life, with as much freedom as possible. This could actually be your dream as well, and the dream of many others. At the same time, it might not, and that’s fine. I used to dream of becoming a basketball star, but I can actually see today’s dream, coming true…..eventually!

What is the dream for you?

Let me know what is the dream for you? Is it similar to mine. Do you wish for more freedom, money and time. Do you think everyone wishes for that? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to like, comment and share!

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