WHAT IS SEO & why it matters

You may be asking yourself what is SEO, and I am here to answer. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is on EVERY online marketer's mind and for good reason. Now when I refer to "online marketer", it covers a large range of people. Everyone from your daily blogger, YouTube Vlogger, niche site owner, to head of marketing of "you name it" retail store falls under "online marketer". The reason for this is because anything having to do with a website will need online marketing, and bottom line will need SEO, or Search Engine Optimization!


What Is SEO & What Does It Mean

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is the process in which a website receives traffic through the search results on search engines. The optimization part of SEO refers to how well that website achieves that goal in this said process. The higher optimized your site is for Search Engines, obviously the better it will perform or the higher you will rank in search engines. When someone logs onto Google or Bing, or any other search engine they are searching for something (obviously)!
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They enter in what exactly it is they are searching for and the search engine comes up with the "answers". Try typing something into a google search bar such as The Hustle Never Ends. My website should pop up number one on your search results. If it doesn't you probably should not be listening to my advice (lol!). The way Google or other search engines comes up with these "answers" or results, is based on their own internal algorithms. These algorithms, for obvious reasons are kept TOP SECRET. However "we" as in the rest of the world can and have dedicated a huge amount of studying in order to identify what we can do to improve our chances within these algorithms. This is basically the study of what is SEO or how to become better at SEO.
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What Are Keywords And How Does That Affect Your SEO

So it goes without saying that these algorithms are always changing. One thing that doesn't change is the purpose of these search engines, which is to take keywords and rank websites for those keywords accordingly. In layman's terms, keywords are the phrases, questions or topics that people are searching for. Some of the most common keywords include "weather", "maps" and "restaurant". Now singular keywords are common but so are keyword phrases. For example, "what is the weather like this saturday", "map of Dallas, Texas" and "best restaurants in nyc". The last keyword phrase if entered today comes up with around 22 million results. And the average amount of times that phrase was entered into a Google search engine in this past year is over 40,000 times a MONTH! If you rank number one in Google search for that keyword phrase, you will possibly get 95% to 100% of all that traffic to your site.
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Why Is SEO So Important

Now that I've answered the question of what is SEO let us discuss why SEO is so important to your bottom line. As I showed in the last paragraph a very popular keyword could bring in 40,000 visitors a month! Of course it depends on the popularity of the keyword, but let's just use a less impressive example. Say your keyword averages 300 searches a month. And you rank number one for that search. Even if you only profit off 1% of that number of visitors a month, depending on what you are selling on your site, still has an extremely high earning potential. Obviously there are lot of factors we are leaving out, such as what exactly you are selling or an affiliate of, etc. But you get the picture. Whether your site represents a brick and mortar business such as an actual store or restaurant, or your website is an online store, or an affiliate site or blog, ranking high in SEO equates to higher profit potential! That is why SEO is of such great importance. That is why you are hearing about SEO or Search Engine Optimization all the time!
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Articles To Help You Work On The SEO Of Your Website

So I've already created a couple articles and videos that will help you to improve the SEO of your website. I will continue to do so and you can always check back for old and new articles under the SEO Category. The following articles will help you get started in the SEO game!
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Take a look at this Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors from Search Engine Land!
Search Engine Land Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors
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In the end SEO or Search Engine Optimization is here to stay. That is as long as we continue to use search engines to find out information for us. Certainly when the forefathers of the internet created this amazing system, they did not exactly foresee the rise of search engines, or SEO. Hell even Yahoo lost sight of its importance, hence the reason Google has surpassed it so effectively. However it is the evolution of things and so it is what it is today. It's so powerful especially in its subtlety and perhaps because of that reason it goes very easily unnoticed in our day to day interactions. But for online marketers such as you and I, we have to keep SEO very much in mind. From the articles we write, to the off site phrases we spread, to the domain names we choose and to so many other intricate details, SEO has to be factored in. Now that you know exactly what SEO is, you can go out and learn how to master it!

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