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Let me tell you what it was like vlogging in public for the first time! Now I am not talking about my first few vlogs where I was out of town. Those were not so nerve wrecking as I was on vacation. It was a completely different environment. What I consider my first time vlogging in public, was here in my city, doing normal things. Again when you’re in Miami or Cozumel vlogging, it’s no biggie to be seen walking around with a camera. When you’re at your local grocery store talking to a camera…that’s a different story!

Where Was I Vlogging In Public For The First Time

I did a full day of vlogging recently around my city. Okay, I live in the ‘burbs of the Dallas/Fort-Worth Area, so when I say city I’m referring to multiple cities. A metroplex if you will, but it’s quite huge, so obviously I’m not covering the entire metroplex on every vlog! This day of vlogging is what I consider my first time vlogging in public. I went to the local asian grocery stores, recorded while buying groceries and lunch. I also vlogged in my neighborhood, at the lake and park by the house, and in my car going from place to place. Could people see me, OF COURSE!
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Did I Catch Any Stares While Vlogging In Public

I most definitely did! That’s something though that I and every other would be vlogger will have to, and eventually WILL get used to. People look at you, especially when you’re busting out the camera doing everyday things. It’s just unusual for most people. No matter what camera you’re using, even if it’s your iPhone, once people see you walking around holding that thing up, they will wonder what’s going on. At times I would say out loud to people near me, “Oh this is for my YouTube Channel“, or “You mind if I take some video here for my VLOG“. It was really more about making MYSELF feel comfortable.
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How Did It Feel To VLOG in Public For The First Time

Like I said, vlogging in public for the first time is pretty nerve wracking. For me it was anyways. I was quite quite anxious and feeling nervous. However as I continued vlogging through the day I felt more comfortable as each minute passed. I’m 100% certain of the 10 rule. That is, I’m sure after doing this 10 times, just like anything else, I’ll feel much more comfortable/confident in what I’m doing. Thoughts do run through your head the first time though. Rather than focusing on how I should be framing my next shot, or what content needs to be recorded, I was worried about what other people were thinking (lol)! That is normal though and many of y’all will feel the same way.
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Here Are Some Tips I’ve Learned To Overcome Your Initial Vlogging Fears

Do your best to focus on what content needs to be recorded and how the shot should look. When you’re focusing on that it can take your mind off of your insecurities and anxieties. Also, follow the 10 rule I just stated above. Just give it a try and do it 10 times and see how you feel afterwards. Remind yourself that after that if you still feel like DYING, this is not something you HAVE to do. Another tip for vlogging in public for the first time is to remind yourself that this is the way of the future! Seriously, someday you’ll see more than less people vlogging in public. Isn’t it better to be a pioneer before it’s something almost standard in everyday life? Also by then you will be EXPERIENCED over others just starting!
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In the end, vlogging for the first time in public is not easy. It’s not hard either if you consider all the true difficulties in life. So go out there, get your camera and start vlogging! You know you want to. It’s more than just a hobby, or a side hustle. It’s a lifestyle. One in which you can enjoy. One in which you can make money talking about and experiencing what you LOVE! Whether that be talking about food, fitness, fashion, your life, whatever! Vlogging and YouTube provide a great way to express your creativity and earn money while doing it! The hustle never ends for me, neither should it for you player! Until the next one, deuces!

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