How To Use Pinterest To Promote

How To Use Pinterest To Promote…Anything

Perhaps ANYTHING might be misconstrued. However you can most certainly use Pinterest to promote ALMOST anything! The reason I say you can use Pinterest to promote almost anything is that any hobby/interest you can think of is posted on Pinterest on a DAILY basis! There are so many posts all over the web being linked to Pinterest which are being shared over and over, and your business/website/blog can and SHOULD be one of them! I just started using Pinterest to promote my various blogs and websites, and I’ll explain further how you can do the same!

Why You Want To Use Pinterest To Promote Your Brand

Whatever your brand, product, website, business, etc. may be Pinterest offers a unique way to promote it as opposed to other Social Media sites. Again, Pinterest is all about INTERESTS, hobbies, likes, etc. It connects others more through actual products, hobbies, likes, etc. than many of the other social media outlets out there. What Pinterest has set up is a site where people and create these “boards” and “pins” which showcase what they are interested in! That alone is a marketing resource for the types of things (people will spend money on) people are into nowadays! That’s why the question of how to use Pinterest to promote is so important!

How To Use Pinterest To Promote Your Brand, Product, Service

First thing you must do of course is set up a Pinterest account! After you do that, you will want to create boards based on the interests you believe your customers/followers will be interested in. Throw in some that you are interested in as well if it’s relevant to your niche/brand. Then go out there and start PINNING! By that I mean find content to pin on your Pinterest page. Mix up some content from other sites, but add a lot from your own! On Pinterest it will give you the option to get the Pinterest Browser Extension. With this extension on your browser any image you come across on any website can be shared on your Pinterest profile!

How I Stumbled Upon Using Pinterest To Promote

I recently stumbled upon this video from a YouTuber by the name of Jay (video available below this paragraph), whose channel is The Lazy Ass Stoner. He’s far from lazy, and he doesn’t fit the old mold of what a stoner is often thought to be (i.e. lazy, unmotivated, etc.). In this video he shows 3 easy steps on how to promote your website/blog (in essence your business) on Pinterest. Check out the video, trust me Jay knows what he’s talking about!

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And if you already use Pinterest to promote your business/product let us know what works for you and what success you’ve seen with it!

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