Turning 33

I have a lot to reflect on while turning 33 years old today. It’s not the number 33 per se that is of much importance. It’s where I am in this stage of my life at this moment. Far removed from years of turmoil and self destruction. Far removed from years of being lost and depressed. This point where in I truly know what I want out of this life, what my goals are, and HOW I can get there. I’m in a stage of my life where in I see things clearer than ever. So again, I’m reflective of that and grateful for that. I also want to make sure I’m very conscious of how I got here, so I can continue on this path I’ve found myself on.
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How Does This Reflection Relate To The Hustle

Last year I started this site, The Hustle Never Ends. Now every factor and circumstance up to this point has lead me…well…to this point. However I have to acknowledge that this online journey (starting about a year and a half ago) has created so much for me. The bi-product of this journey created a way of life, an outlet for my thoughts, ideas and feelings. I finally found what it is I LOVE to do, while at the same time being GOOD at it! Mark Cuban said in his book How To Win In The Sport Of Business, don’t do what you’re passionate about. Do what you’re good at. I agree, because once you find what you’re good at, I promise the chances are good you’ll love doing it as well.
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The Hustle Never Ends

The Hustle Never Ends was my first WordPress site. It took hours upon hours of experimentation, learning, and at times frustration, to get to where I am today. I relate this to me arriving to 33 years of age. In very much the same fashion, I learned the same online as I now do in life. I go all in now, and understand the PATIENCE, DEDICATION, and EFFORT it takes to accomplish something, create something, GREAT. I truly feel that learning how to design websites, become WordPress proficient and learn how to build an online presence helped me to grow as a person. This could have been the same for any other field, or profession, or endeavor. However this is that I fell in love with, that I subscribed my emotions and actions to, which allowed me to get to where I am today.
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In the end it’s important to reflect, period. On this 33rd birthday of mine, I’m very reflective of all I’ve overcome, and how much I’ve GROWN as a person. I’ve mostly overcome habits of my own that were destructive and imprisoning. I’ve learned to focus and invest in the things I truly care about, and not let the outside noise affect me too greatly. This online journey has shown me what I’m capable of, and it’s brought about a sense of confidence, calm and purpose for me. I can’t see myself doing anything else other than this. Although I now know I can adapt to any situation. I’m doing me, and that brings about a peacefulness, nothing else can bring. I hope you’re doing you too, I hope the hustle never ends for you, as it never ends for me. Until next time, deuces!


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