Why I Enjoy The YouTube Hustle

My new favorite way to make money online and to expend my creative juices is the YouTube hustle. You see making money online for me isn't even really about the money. More so, making money online is about FREEDOM. The more money you have PLUS the more time you have, equals greater freedom. And nothing tops being creative, building something and doing what I love. Money just happens to be a necessity of life, and bi-product of this online hustle.
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What Exactly Is The YouTube Hustle

blogging, "VLOGGING" is about creating content. Similarly, it's also about designing the lifestyle you desire. A life wherein you dictate the terms of how you make money, and how you spend your time. Now I'm definitely not saying quit your 9-5 just yet. What I am saying is you need to go to YouTube, create a channel and start posting videos. Honestly, it doesn't matter what type of videos you make at first, just as long as you start. Trust me that it's good practice, and if you're like me you will probably "start over" numerous times. That is until you find out what you're really good at and what you really enjoying making videos about!
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How Do You Make Money On YouTube

There are so many ways to make money in the YouTube hustle. To start off, Google Adsense will pay you for monetizing your videos. Of course you must reach a certain amount of views, and more importantly a certain amount of clicks on your ads. However, all you have to do is create the interesting content! There's more though. YouTube is the BEST free advertising medium out there. You can advertise ANYTHING. From your website, to your store, restaurant, etc. YouTube is a free way to create video advertisements. Of course you will have to pay for a real advertising campaign, but to put the videos on the NUMBER ONE website in the world, is absolutely free.
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Make Money In This YouTube Hustle Through Your Links

Whether you are a freelancer on Fiverr or on your own website, placing a link to your gigs in the description of your videos and even in the videos themselves is a great way to make money. Or perhaps you are an Affiliate Marketer. Again, you can place your advertisement links within your videos and also within the description. And although I do all those things, what I love doing most is linking my online stores and my blogs within my YouTube videos. They all feed off of each other, like a system with a double reinforcement loop.
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I Enjoy The YouTube Hustle Most Of All Because...

I enjoy making money through YouTube most of all because it allows me to be creative. I'm able to be creative in soooo many ways. From creating the channel art, to the actual content, to the segments within the channel. There are so many aspects that I never knew were there until I started really getting into being a YouTube Creator. Now I have TWO channels. I have my original tutorial channel which is gaining a lot of subscribers and views. And now I've created a YouTube VLOG Series on another channel. That's how much I enjoy this YouTube hustle. Most times, it doesn't even feel like a hustle, it's actually my enjoyment!
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In the end, like I said it's not just about the money. However there is a ton of money to be made on YouTube. And it's LIFE CHANGING the way you can make money on YouTube and online. More importantly though for me is my YouTube Channel allows me to tap into my creative side. More so, being on YouTube allows me to express myself, while at the same time run my own business, making my own decisions. If that's the not the dream job, or the dream life, I don't know what is. So I highly suggest you check out my channel and see for yourself that YOU CAN DO THE SAME! Until the next one, deuces!

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