The Truth About Making Money Online

I'm going to tell you the truth about making money online. Most people who try fail. The reason for this is simple. People think making money online is supposed to be EASY MONEY. That is simply not the truth. No, the truth is that making money online is similar to building a ship. And if you're doing it alone, it's going to be all the more harder. On top of that it will take a whole lot longer before you ever set sail. So the truth about making money online is this. If you thought making money online was going to be easy, you've got another thing coming homie.
If you thought making money online was going to be easy, you've got another thing coming homie. - The Hustle Never Ends Click To Tweet

The Perception Of Making Money Online Is All Wrong

You see I made the same mistake most people do. I thought coming into this online hustle it should be easy money. Why else would you want to make money online, right? Wrong. On both ends. I hate to be cliche, but if it were easy, everyone would be doing it...and succeeding at it. The truth is, it takes time to create a successful and profitable online presence. It takes a lot of time, learning, making mistakes, more learning, more mistakes, you get the point. It's a great build. Seriously, and you can't just come in and figure to wreck shop automatically. You see the perception of making money online is all wrong, I had it wrong and many others STILL have it wrong. But once I changed how I saw it, and why it REALLY is important to start making online everything else started to change for me.
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The Change I Made In How I Perceived This Online Hustle

It all started when I began to realize that this whole online hustle was like creating a building, or a city, or any other project that takes A LOT of time and energy. However once it is built and operating, there is a high potential for AUTOMATED money. Or what others in this game call, passive income. And also once I realized that the REAL reason you would want to make money online is to create a steady stream of income, things really started to change. I realized it was about creating a system wherein one, you get traffic through the content you create. Two, the value you provide validates your expertise, helps others and then in turn creates the opportunity for you to make money. And that the automated money is not going to be huge payoffs, but small affiliate, adsense, and e-commerce profits. Once I started getting a steady stream of those profits that's when I was able to reinvest into advertising, etc. in order to SCALE those profits up.
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What It Was Like Making My First Dollar Online

When it rains it pours and that goes both ways. The truth about making money online is that it's all about your FIRST dollar. Once you get that it means something has clicked and you have finally figured out a huge piece of the puzzle. Don't get me wrong, there is still plenty of puzzle to figure out afterwards. But at least you have some direction now. I was struggling, for a year on this "online" gig, and I was starting to feel really down. Not a cent earned, but plenty of dollars spent. Thousands of dollars actually (advertising and getting conned mostly). However, I made a business decision. I created a second online store, although my first one wasn't earning anything. I had found a product to drop ship that I knew would be a hit. Or I thought so anyways. Within a few days of creating that second shop, I made my first sale! At the same time after more than a year of owning this domain, and after months of blogging with no results, I made my first affiliate sale! When it rains, it pours...and that goes both ways.
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What Do I Advise Others On How To Make Money Online

I say this...practice doesn't make perfect but as with anything practice makes you BETTER. Eventually if you stick with anything long enough, you will get good enough to find some sort of results. The thing with making money online though is that it's a lot more of a leveled playing field. It's not basketball were height does matter. It's not football were size matters. All it really is in this online hustle is about keeping your eyes open and continually sharpening your skills so that when you opportunity does arise, you are ready to grab it by the horns! Trust me, I am still a relative noob to this, however I am now earning a CONSISTENT amount of passive income every month. Even if I don't do any work for a week, there is money coming in from the work I've already done. However I don't ever take more than a week off, and when I do I come back with a vengeance. Again, I'm trying to scale this thing. What I'm making now should be nothing compared to what I'm making next year, five years from now, and so on and so forth.
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If you want to get in on THE GAME, you gotta realize it for what it is. As the boys from The Wire used to always say, "The game is the game". It's not a get rich quick scheme. It is however a platform that offers a high potential for leverage. It is about creating a system where in you provide VALUE to others, so much so that it brings in traffic to your site(s). Once you get the traffic down, all you have to do is put your ads, affiliate links and products up. The rest will flow from there. Of course there are a lot intricate details in between those "steps", but like I said if you stick around long enough you'll figure out the details for yourself. There is no bullet proof plan here. The only real plan is to just DO IT, and adjust accordingly along the way.
The game is the fucking game. Period. - Avon Barksdale from The Wire Click To Tweet

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