The Struggle

The Struggle…

I suppose it would be cliche of me to have completed the headline with …is real, but it is. But hey, what’s a good hustle without one? Better yet, what’s a good story without a struggle? Or best of all, what’s a victory without the battle? The struggle is real right now, and it’s been keeping me up at night.

The Hustle Never Ends

Tony Soprano said (while knocking off Fabian Petrulio), “One thing about us wiseguys….the hustle never ends.” I’m no wiseguy, not even close. I’m no gangster (though I may have known a few in my lifetime), but one thing I am…is a hustler. And I may be struggling now, but one thing I’ve learned from surviving my 20’s…I’ll always find a way. This online hustle isn’t easy. And again, right now I’m in a struggle. I haven’t slept well lately, with my bank account drying out, and my unemployment checks for some reason have not gone through yet, and my credit card bills are rising. This is not what I had envisioned when jumping into the hustle.

Why I’m Struggling

I should have expected this. To struggle that is. First off, I lost my temper at work, if I am to be honest with myself. That and I have been growing ever impatient with trying to “make it” online. So that caused me to go against my better judgement, which got me pre maturely terminated from my previous job, and more so in an uphill battle to keep up with expenses while trying to run my online business, my online hustle. I took a gamble, with a few Facebook advertisements for my e-commerce fitness shop site, with my certification to become a health and wellness coach, and a few other businesses I tried online. But fuck it, life is a gamble. And again, I should have expected this. It’s upsetting, and again it’s a struggle, but it’s also exciting, because what again what would a victory be if it was always won easily?

How To Enjoy The Struggle

You enjoy it, or at least I’m telling myself now, but looking to the future. By reminding yourself what you’re doing in this game, why you’re out here hustling, and how good it’s going to feel when you reach the precipice and beyond of what you are striving for. Success is a gamble, and I’m taking a chance, and I always will! You have to hype yourself up. It’s the art of war, reorganizing troops, resources, and most importantly redesigning or refining your strategy! Again, it’s upsetting, and stressful that’s for sure. I have to maintain a sense of urgency, but it’s a paradox because I must also be patient.

How I Will Out Hustle The Struggle

I will have to make a few cuts in my budget. Trim the so called fat, and run with the bare essentials. Just what I need to make money, to get started, regroup and slowly scale my way up. I’ll be honest with myself, I made a lot of mistakes, spent unwisely and really I myself am to blame for distracting myself from sticking to a routine/habit that would have lead me to success much faster. With all that said and done, it’s time to do what I know I must. Aside from cutting out unnecessary expenses, I have to stick to a schedule, a routine. More so than doing work, I have to take a step back. When I say stick to this routine, I mean stop and take a break when I’m supposed to stop and take a break. I’ve been rushing, engulfed, obsessed even with “making it” online, I’ve been forgetting life is a marathon, I can’t always be sprinting.


In the end, this is a learning experience for me, and hopefully for y’all (my readers) as well. The struggle is as necessary a component in success as the night is for day, death is for life, and so forth and so on. It won’t knock my hustle, but only strengthen my fervor. For me the hustle never ends, and neither should you.

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