The Re-Up Week 7

Damn shit’s been crazy. I tell you if you stick to your hustle, if you just go ALL IN, good things will come. Patience, seriously I never understood it before. Actually the turning point was when I was down on my luck at the beginning of 2015. My wife left me, I was jobless, broke. I wasn’t in the best of shape. I started something, first I started running. And then lifting weights. I stopped smoking, and I stopped drinking. I became motivated. Next, I started grinding online (and I got a part time job in the “real world). Starting from the “bottom” gave me a different perspective on things, but it also forced me to be patient. And running, running these long runs, taught me patience as well. Going after fitness goals, that showed me it takes YEARS to accomplish great results. The same applies to this online hustle. The same applies to ANYTHING great you are trying to achieve!
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My Freelance Hustle On Fiverr For Week 7

If you don’t already know about Fiverr, you should check it out. I also have a YouTube Video on how to make money with Fiverr, even if you think you have no talents or skills to offer. Trust me you do, and it’s very easy to get started. Click here to check out how to get started with Fiverr. Seriously, if you have no money, no job, this is the FIRST place I would go. You can start scraping and saving money earned from here to create your online business(es) in the near future. So for Week 7, I’ve actually made quite a bit of “sales” here just as this post is being written. However I won’t show that for the “money in” until next week. For the money in this past week 7, I’ve earned a total of $40.80. They were all from my modeling gigs where in I took pictures of myself modeling other people’s products.
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The Re-Up Week 7 Fiverr

My E-Commerce Hustle Through Shopify

Shopify is awesome! Seriously it is the ideal business because it promotes PEOPLE. It allows for people to create their own businesses, and that is a beautiful thing! For Week 7 I made a total of $99.98 in sales, garnering me a profit of around $25.00. Click here to learn how to build your own online store in less than ten minutes, even if you don’t have any products to sell! I love using Shopify especially when combined with the Oberlo App, because it allows me to make money online even though I have NO products to sell. Oberlo allows me to import products onto my website, and when an order is made, I get paid and the manufacturer sends the product straight to the customer!
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Shopify Re-Up Week 7
Oberlo Re-Up Week 7

For My Affiliate Marketing Hustle

This week I have not made anything through my affiliate marketing hustle. However I am not discouraged, as I know this website is growing, which means the money coming in from affiliate marketing will grow as well. This is actually my favorite form of passive income, because it’s basically advertisements on my site, making me money, I just have to produce the content that will attract people to come to my site! I have a step by step tutorial on how you can set up affiliate links on your site, just click here! If you are already doing affiliate marketing I suggest you check out the network I’m in, Flexoffers, which offers thousands upon thousands of companies for you to advertise for!
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flexoffers re-up week 7


Again, this week has been great. It’s a grind, but I’m consistently improving. It may seem like a small amount to some. And I know for a fact others would consider this “not worth it”. However if you can see what I see, which is the potential for growth, and how scalable this operation is, you will be excited as well. And if you are already on your online hustle, don’t get discouraged. Stick with it, whatever it takes, it will pay off in the end! The hustle never ends for me, I hope it doesn’t end for you, until next time, deuces!


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