The Re-Up Week 5

It’s been an exciting week. I’ve made some changes and some great things have happened along the way. I’ve also had to make some tough decisions and adjust my hustle along the way. First off, let’s get into the heart of this week’s re-up. I’ve made a total of $62.00 for this past week. Now the excitement is not in the amount of money I’ve made, obviously. The excitement is in the fact that I’ve made my first few dollars through affiliate marketing and I’ve made my first e-commerce sale!
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This is huge for me because I’ve been working so hard and so long at creating something online that will provide me automated income, or passive income. Now not all of the money earned this week was derived from passive income. However again, I must stress how exciting it is to finally start breaking ground on my goals. If you want to see how excited I was making my first REAL online dollars, or passive online income, check out my post How It Feels To Make My First Online Dollar.
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I’ll break it down as I usually do in this re-up series. I made $44.00 from Fiverr doing some modeling work. That was just one gig, which is my premium package where in I model a couple pictures for a client with their product, do a blog post about it or testimonial and share some of those pics on Instagram and other social media outlets. I then earned $8.00 off of advertisements I placed on this blog here made it’s first sale after being open only 5 days! The profit from that one sale was $10.00. So again, all in all this week, I’ve made a total of $62.00
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Now I’ve spent $150.00 on Facebook ads as explained in the re-up week 4 So I can’t really calculate profits until that $150.00 is all used up and all sales are totaled. However that’s just a quick look at the money coming in this past week.
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Now as I said earlier I’ve had to make or incorporate a couple tough decisions. One, I closed down my first online store It hurts the pride, but it had to be done. You can read more about it in the post On To The Next One. Also I’ve decided as of today that my health coaching services website, will make a couple changes. I’m going to move away from focusing on the 1:1 coaching services, though I will maintain them. But the primary focus will now be an online video course, where in people can learn how to lose weight and improve physique on their own through the purchase of my online instructional video series.
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That’s the re-up for week 5. Exciting for me because I’m getting to where I want to get to, even if it’s taking time. The more I DO though, the more I continue to learn and the better I become at doing what I’m doing. As Aristotle said, “we are what we repeatedly do, therefore excellence is not an act…but a habit”. This hustle is my habit, and for me the hustle never ends. Until next week, deuces!
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