The Re-Up Week 2

So it’s week 2 in my online hustle here at The Hustle Never Ends. And this weekly summary of money coming in is going to be a short one…about as short my bank account right now. If you haven’t read yet my last post, you should. It dives deeper into what’s going on and The Struggle I’m in now.

The Money Coming In For The Re-Up Week 2

Are you ready for this. The total revenues made for week 2 of documenting my online hustle is….drum roll please….. ZERO DOLLARS! Yes you heard that right, I have made absolutely nothing this week. Rather I have spent about a $100 on advertising in Facebook for my Fitness Shop iHustle Fitness. Things are looking rough, and I’m definitely going to have to make some changes.

What’s Next In The Re-Up

Again, it’s all strategy, it’s all war. Just not necessarily the violent type of war, not now anyways. I have to make adjustments. There are a few things I’m contemplating. I may have to let go of the Shopify store, as it is costing me too much, and I’m practically dried out since I lost my part time job. For some reason the unemployment checks have not come through yet, and I now have to turn to family to help carry me for a bit. With that being said, that means I have to minimize expenses as I can only ask, and will only ask for the bare minimum from my parents.


In the end that’s the way it goes. It’s a gamble. I took a chance and I failed. But there were things I learned which is good. Skills I’ve attained, which is great. And most of all lessons I’ve taken to heart so I can do better on the next go around, which is the most anyone can ask for (aside from actually becoming successful). I’ve decided as of this post if worst comes to worst I am getting rid of the Shopify store, but I will maintain my WordPress sites, this blog right here and my Health Coaching site, AlonzoInc.Com. I would definitely save up and come back to Shopify as I love that platform for E-Commerce. I will keep y’all updated as to what happens, but whatever happens the hustle never ends…not for me…and neither should it for you!

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