The Re-Up Week 1

Week 1 Of The Re-Up

As y’all may or may not know by now this is my weekly re-up. So for week 1, from 9/26 – 10/2, my total revenues from all online businesses combined was…….wait for it……$68! Lol, I know, it doesn’t sound like much, fuck it let’s be real it’s NOT MUCH, and definitely not sustainable. Again, this is just the start though. And for money earned on my terms, from a laptop, I’ll take it.
So for week 1, all money coming in came from just my modeling/advertising gig on fiverr. For those who do not know, Hustle Women’s Tank Top. Now the niche I chose is highly saturated and really, wasn’t the best choice for starting off an online shop, but I mostly did it just to get the experience, and I can always change my niche if I so decide.
For those looking for advice on how to startup an e-commerce site and the advertising that follows I have a few suggestions. First off, check out A Better Lemonade Stand for tips, case studies and much more on how to successfully start and run an e-commerce site. Next, I suggest checking out this guy, Franklin Hatchett on youtube. He will guide you step by step from building an e-commerce site on Shopify, to advertising it on Facebook.
As far as my health coaching site I have made $0.00 this week as well, however I’m glad that I finally have my first downloadable digital product up for sale, and hopefully once I start putting money into advertising, this will bring some money back into my pocket on the backend.
So that’s week 1 of The Hustle Never Ends. Hey, it’s slow, it seems like nothing or not even worth it, however I’ve come to learn that in order to succeed in this business, or any other business, it takes patience, consistency, and the perspective of looking at the bigger picture! This is a marathon baby, and I’m in it for the long haul.

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