The Re-Up Week 4

So it’s week 4 of documenting my online hustle. No money made, but a bunch of money spent (lol). I spontaneously opened up another Shopify store! I have to remind myself to be patient, however I have been becoming quite impatient. So I opened up another store, impulsively because I saw a product on AliExpress which I felt would be easy and profitable to sell and market.
The opening up of the store and creating it was absolutely free as Shopify provides a 14 day free trial, so you can literally start making money before ever spending anything. I combine that with the 30 day free trial provided by Oberlo App and I’ve got a store up and running with products to sell! I use the Oberlo App to import the products from AliExpress straight to my Shopify store. To learn how you can do the same check out my new series How To Build An Online Store. You will have a store up and running and ready to make money in less than 10 minutes! You just have to come up with the right ideas in order to start cashing in!
I then went on to buy Facebook Advertising for $150.00. Now you don’t pay for it until later, but still that’s money out, not in. I will be billed next month, so I’m just hanging in by the skin of my nuts (lol). I’m in debt like crazy, and had to sell off my golf clubs just to pay the minimum payments for my credit card bills. It’s all good though, I’m a hustler and I’m a get through this! And once I figure it out, I’m going to show y’all how I did it, in the hopes that y’all can do the same!
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