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I’ve had this domain for almost a year now. The Hustle Never Ends has gone through many changes, the site itself I mean, and finally after a year I’ve come up with exactly what I want this site/blog to be! This is my life, my story, my hustle. If you’re joining me here, which I assume you are since you are reading this now, than thanks for being here. I’ve created this site to not only express myself, but also to provide some value to others, insight, or even simply to spark an idea that will change someone’s life for the better.
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How Does My Hustle Help Others

The way I see it, by showing you my journey from the beginning, my hustle from the beginning (and if all goes according to plan and I do actually achieve my goals), then you can follow along with me, from my mistakes, to the things that actually work! You can see what I’m going through in almost real time, the different venues I’m experimenting with to make money and to attain the lifestyle I have envisioned and am currently chasing after as we speak!
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What Is My Hustle

Good question. My hustle, my vision for my future lifestyle, is a life where in I am my own boss, I make money online, a lot of it passive income, which provides my end goal of having TIME FREEDOM, or just more freedom period. Money creates more freedom, however certain ways of earning money provides more freedom than others. Being tied down to 40 and 50 hour work weeks is not my idea of freedom. Not an ideal one anyways. Don’t get me wrong, I know what it’s like to truly have freedom taken away from me, to have certain liberties and rights removed. I’ve had my fair share of rodeos. But I’m passed that life now, and I’m always looking towards improving, even if what I have now is already a good thing.
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Why The Hustle Is So Important To Me

I got it in my head a year and a half ago, the idea was sparked by Seth Godin, that I need to start working on my online presence. I realized the hustle was changing. I got it in my head that I need to start hustling online, making money online. I need to set the foundation for my future, and that future will be based off of making my living off of online businesses. Why? Well a few reasons. One, the labor industry isn’t what it used to be, and it’s trending in a whole new direction. Someday robots, computers will replace many of the jobs we see now. Furthermore, with a felony record of my own, I’ve already had and do have very limited options. Even though I later got my Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration, it does nothing for me because of what I had done prior to that. It’s an unforgiving world, but nothing I can’t handle.
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In the end, there are too many reasons why I and everyone else I believe, needs to start doing some kind of research, or more so taking some kind of action in creating their online presence, in creating a source of income from the online world, from something other than a job. And this blog, the Hustle Series, will document from the very beginning everything I do to make my dreams come true, and hopefully help you to do the same!
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