The Ebay Hustle
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With my online hustle in the midst of a drought in the middle of Autumn, I’ve had to be creative in earning a few extra dollars this week. An idea I got from a couple other hustlers, Gary Vaynerchuck and Keder Cormier, was to engage in the Ebay Hustle. This is not a new concept, and is actually of the tried and tested formulas still used in retail today.
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What Exactly Is The Ebay Hustle

Well, that’s a good question. My answer is not only to that question but also the answer to how retail works. It’s just like slanging drugs, you get your product at a wholesale price but sell ’em at a marked up price. That’s the price you charge for the work you put in. Major retailers have and still, and will continue to do this for as far down I can imagine. Now for the Ebay hustle, you don’t need to buy in wholesale. You can simply find one item at a much lower price than usual, and sell it on Ebay at a price others will pay for. The catch is your margin is enough to garner you a profit.
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How Do You Go About Executing This Ebay Hustle

Well, there are different ways. Some like to know ahead of time what’s selling on Ebay, what’s trending etc. Others like to go by instinct. I’d say your best bet is to do a little studying before you go “shopping”. You’re about to be every department of your own personal organization. The buying, the marketing, the selling, etc. So I would suggest a little research, but don’t overanalyze. What’s important is you get out there and just do it! A few suggestions include checking out local garage sales, scouring the internet, or hitting up that one store you know has that work at a price you can profit from!
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How Did I Find Myself Doing The Ebay Hustle This Week

Well this was an adventure for sure. At the time ,I had to get out the house, I was going stir crazy. I was seeing all zeros in my various online accounts. From my Shopify store, to my Flexoffers affiliate network, I was seeing absolutely no gains and I was hustling harder than ever! The only account showing any signs of life was my Fiverr freelance account. At the same time I was starting to see crookedly, because I had been staring at my laptop too long. So I got out, went to Nebraska Furniture Mart on a whim, and while I was walking in an idea from one of Keder Cormier’s videos popped in my head! It was the Ebay Hustle idea.


So What Did I End Up Doing At Nebraska Furniture Mart

First off for those of y’all who don’t know, NFM was, or is my favorite store to shop at. I only say “was” because I haven’t been doing much shopping lately…only hustling. Anyways, the point is they have the BEST prices, anywhere. And they are always having amazing deals going. So while I was there this last time, I remembered I should get a credit increase. So I did, to $6,000.00. Now, what I went on to do was purchase a few things. Albeit I don’t have anywhere near the income right now to afford six grand worth of product. But hey, credit, front, whatever you wanna call it, it’s all part of the game. And this game, just as anything else in life is a gamble. On top of that the place offers 24, sometimes 36 month financing with no interest depending on what you’re buying.


So Let Me Breakdown How Exactly This Ebay Hustle Is Going Down

So while at the store, I had my phone with me. I looked like a madman, and employees kept poaching me, asking if I needed help. I said no and continued to use my phone with it’s Ebay scanner to scan numerous items, and compare prices. I found items that were selling for half the price of what they were selling on Ebay, and those were the items I purchased. Now I also used the financing plans from NFM to allow me more time to pay for these items. I actually will (or should) make all my money back plus profits before paying even one cent on my balance due to my “wholesaler”. As soon as I got home, I listed these items on Ebay, almost all of them selling significantly less than anyone else, yet marked up enough from my original cost to ensure profit.



In the end, it doesn’t matter if it’s online, offline, at work, on the streets, locked up, out of the country, on the moon, or in hell itself, a true hustler will find a way, regardless of locale or situation, to make money. This Ebay Hustle is the oldest “trick” in the book, but it’s not really a trick. Again, it’s you getting your cut for the work you put in to get those products out to your customers. Check out my YouTube video below where in I mixed a little entertainment (I hope) to explain my Ebay Hustle. Also sign up to my mailing list so you can stay updated on all my blog posts, plus the results of this Ebay Hustle. Life’s a gamble, actually it’s a hustle and it doesn’t end, ’til you’re buried, so I’m a keep on hustling, and I hope you do the same!

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