The Art Of War

If you haven’t read The Art Of War by Sun Tzu, well I suggest you do. This book does not just refer to war, or let me put that a better way, war does not just refer to countries battling it out over territory or god. The art of war can be applied to ANY aspect of your life. Basically it is a strategy of how to battle with whatever it is you are engaged with. For example, if you are starting up a restaurant, the take away you would get from The Art Of War is how to strategize most effectively in order to create and run this restaurant, based on the resources you have, the location, situation, etc.

The Hustle & The Art Of War

So how does the book, The Art Of War affect my hustle, or yours? Well, it does so tremendously because in one way or another, whether you know it or not, you and your competitors and those within your environment are in one shape or form engaged in this battle, this war. I have read this book numerous times, have purchased various translated versions, and even downloaded the free version onto my iPhone. It can be read over and over, and each time you will learn something new.

The Art Of War in Today’s World

The version I have of this book in my bedside is translated by Thomas Cleary. He put it best when describing this book, “compiled more than two thousand years ago, it is a study of the anatomy of organizations in conflict. It is perhaps the most prestigious and influential book of strategy in the world today.” If you read anything this week, I would suggest you read this book. Sun Tzu, a military leader from a couple thousand years ago, was a master at his craft in the warring states of China. So much so his words and wisdom still apply in today’s world, and will be forever relevant.

How The Art Of War Helps Me

This will be brief, as there are too many ways to describe how the wisdom from this book can be applied in every aspect of my life. However for the most part it’s a lesson in timing. When to attack, when to defend, when to do nothing. When to look strong, when to appear weak, when to spy, when not to. When to build up resources, when to let resources go, and so on and so on. In running a business this is HUGE! In my hustle this is EVERYTHING! And I have to say, even with what I know and read, I still fall victim of human tendencies. When starting up my various businesses online, I over spent resources early, I rushed into things, and so on. But I hold no regrets because I LEARNED from these things. Not only did I learn what not to do, I actually learned hands on how to make websites, where to go for advertising, how to run campaigns, so on and so on. And I’m still learning! The trick is to keep getting more efficient and effective in every aspect of the business, and know WHEN to outsource!


In the end, we can all take away something from The Art Of War. In the end, our business will only go as far as our hustle and our ambition. It’s exciting, and seriously the only thing I can imagine doing in terms of making a living. A successful business can be created by ANYONE. I personally have never been creative in terms of drawing, or art. However I can see my creativity, and that of so many others I come across, in how I apply it to business. All is fair in love and WAR, that is the true Art Of War.

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