5 Places I Would Visit in 2017
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If I could go on vacation anywhere next year I wouldn’t be able to pick just one. On the premise that I am somewhere near my aim for the financial goals of this online hustle next year, I have decided on the top 5 places I would want to visit in 2017. So strap up, oh wait scratch that, strap on (lol) for an incredible ride, or viable dream at least, as we venture into the 5 places I would visit in 2017.


Why Did I Choose 5 Places To Visit In 2017

First off this is a hit of crack. Pipe dream (lol). For 2017 anyways. Realistically speaking this list of the 5 places I would visit in 2017 should really be for 2018 or 2019. That’s because I know my hustle will take not only consistency and commitment, but most importantly time. It will take time to reach my goals. However I will get that, of that I am certain. Because I won’t stop hustling until I am! And the reason I chose 5 places to visit, is because lists of 5 are always a good amount for blog posts, articles, etc.
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The Order Of My List Of 5 Places To Visit In 2017

I like going into these lists from least importance to greatest. Something which was taught in school from a young age, whether it be in debates, essays, or any other types of lists, is that you lead up to the climax and hit with your hardest argument at the very end. However I’m going to try and hit hard for each of these on the list, while still sticking to the standard script. So drumroll please…

Number 5

Rome, Italy
Why Rome? I’m a huge history buff. And if you pay attention to history at all, Rome still exists, just by another name and it’s empire may consist of different territories, and run by a different regime. But Rome exists. We call it America today, the American Empire. But we’ll get into that another time. I pick Rome, because it is such a historic site. Italy in general would be a dream place for me to visit. However Rome in particular, I want to see the Coliseum, the Roman baths, I want to take some fucking selfies there haha, because you only live once, so you should do the things that make you happy. And that would make me happy.
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Number 4

The Cayman Islands
I’ve been here before, but only for one day. It was one of the stops on a 7 day cruise, and I LOVED IT! But one day was not enough. The water, the beach, the atmosphere was so chill, I felt it was the ultimate relaxation area. I put this at number 4 because it’s not too long a flight from here in Texas, and anything south of the border means sun, fun and relaxation. When you’re on vacation at least (lol). I’ve been dreaming about going back ever since, life just got busy, but trust me I will be heading back once I got my hustle going right.


Number 3

New York, New York
When I first thought of writing this post I thought for certain every location I would choose for would be out of the country. However after ruminating on the topic for some time I realized, New York is definitely one of the places I want to visit next year. I went there as a kid, at the age of 16. I can only imagine now how much more of an experience it would be for me to visit at my age, and at this stage in my life. New York is so diverse, and it truly is the BIG APPLE, some consider it the capital of the world. Either way, it is a huge city full of different cultures colliding together like various sounds and instruments in a Symphony.


Number 2

Athens, Greece
Well, not just Athens, but that would be the start of my Greek adventure. Again, I’m a huge history buff, and as a child I was obsessed with Ancient Greece, from the history to the mythology, the literature, the philosophy, and everything in between. One of the first great empires/civilizations, which produced the minds of Homer (at least the works of which have been attributed to that name), Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. The characters of Helen of Troy, Odesseus, Pericles, the gods of Zeus and Poseidon, I could go on and on! On top of that the beautiful looking beaches of the islands such as Santorini, makes Greece number two on my list of places I want to visit.
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Number 1

Tokyo, Japan
My dream spot. If I could only pick one out of all these places to visit it would be Tokyo. Sometimes you just know you will like a place even before you ever got there. Especially in today’s world where you can see it, nearly experience it from behind a television screen or monitor, or magazine. Everything about it, from the legendary lure of the Yakuza, to the liveliness, to the population of 38 million people packed into one city, to the food, to the intense and awe inspiring culture I literally lose my breathe thinking about the day I finally get to experience Tokyo. It is not just a goal for 2017, but a life goal to visit Tokyo, Japan. I’m even planning on learning the language now, in preparation for that glorious day.
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In the end, 5 places to visit in one year is insane, but at the same time people do it. Hustling hard to make this internet lifestyle work, if and when it does finally pay off, this could be a very viable thing. 2017, more than likely not, however it’s good to shoot for the stars, so even when you fall short there’s the possibility of landing quite high. Thanks for joining me on this dream, now it’s time to get back on the hustle, so I could turn this dream into reality. Comments are welcome below, and appreciated. Share buttons on the left. Until next time, deuces!

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