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When it comes to tattoo ideas trust me when I tell you I have a hard time. It took me years to get my first one. I’m 32 and I’m obsessed with tattoos, but I honestly only have 3! That’s because coming up with tattoo ideas are hard as fuck, seriously. Probably not for everyone. Y’all know me, I’ve been locked up and I’ve literally seen people tattoo their entire bodies in one sentence. And I’m talking about 6 month, 8 month sentences. I spent a total of almost 4 years locked up (never straight) and I got only 1 tattoo out of all those times in! Again, I have a hard time coming up with what exactly I want. So I figured I’d share the easiest way to come up with tattoo ideas!


Tattoos Ideas From Pinterest

I recently figured out that online is the BEST place to help come up with tattoo ideas. Of course one of my go to sites is Pinterest. If you check out my board at the bottom of this page you will see some of the Tattoo Ideas I have collected on that site. Pinterest is great for ANY ideas you need. From decorating to cooking, to well…tattoos! It’s free and easy to sign up, so I highly suggest you check out Pinterest for your next tattoo idea. And don’t forget to follow me!


Other Websites For Tattoo Ideas

To be honest there are so many places on line you can go to get great ideas for tattoos. Of course going to the actual tattoo shop is great, but it’s so limited in terms of the amount of sheer volume the internet has to offer. Of course, no one shop could keep up with a world wide web of tattoo ideas. So aside from your local shop, I suggest the following sites to help you come up with AMAZING tattoos that you will not only love, but have absolutely no qualms about getting on your body.



TattooMeNow.Com proclaims to offer “a world of inspiration for your tattoos”, and I agree! They have thousands upon thousands of ideas to choose from. On top of having thousands of images which you can take straight to your artist to get tatted on you right away, they also offer tattoo creator software on their website. That means you can come up with your own tattoos with very powerful software that will let your creativity flow, even if you’re like me and not very artistic or good at drawing. They offer 3 different programs as of this post, a one month program for $17, a one year program for $47 and a lifetime program for $79. If you click on my affiliate link you can get a special right now, the one year program for only $27! Click Here for that deal.


Another great site similar to the previous one is CreateMyTattoo.Com. Now it is similar in that it is an online site where in you can get tattoo ideas from. But that’s about as far they go in similarity. Because how CreateMyTattoo.Com differs is that actual artists will be the ones designing your tattoo for you! These tattoos are priced a bit higher per idea however it is like the BeSpoke of tattoo ideas/designs online. Here CreateMyTattoo.Com will allow you to create a contest on their site where hundreds of talented artists from around the world will contribute their idea to based on your specifications/requests. And from their you will decide not only the prize money, but also the winner. The winner then in turn gets the prize money and you get a tattoo, one in which you can take straight to your artist and have done whenever you so choose.




As in anything it can be difficult to come up with ideas. And especially when you’re coming up with tattoo ideas, something that for the most part will last forever (your forever anyways, i.e. until your body no longer exists). However the internet is a GLORIOUS place. Whether you are coming up with a tattoo idea for yourself, or you’re an artist in need of fresh ideas, the links above will provide you with everything you need to get where you’re going!

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