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When it comes to planning your blog posts schedule you must first determine what type of blog you are running. I’m going to assume you know that already. You also want to determine what your goals are for your blog. Is your website a place for you to express yourself? Is the priority of this blog to get more traffic to your site? Or is it the blog itself that you plan on making money off of?
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So How Should You Schedule Your Blog Posts

Aside from knowing what type of blog you are running you need to also know your audience. They may prefer long posts that come out with less frequency. Or they may prefer short posts that come out regularly (like once a day). I’ll give you a good rule of thumb to start off with though. For a personal/lifestyle blog I suggest scheduling 3 posts per week at first. This way your readers aren’t flooded with material. Also it gives people time to absorb and appreciate your work.
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How Do I Know When To Make My Blog Posts More Frequent

Simple. When you start seeing a lot of engagement on your posts. People sharing it, reading it and commenting on it proves they like your stuff. It also means they probably want more. Still, there is always a balance to be kept. Overloading your readers and visitors with too many posts is a bad thing as well. Even if you feel you should raise the frequency of your posts per week, you still have to have a limit. Keep your eyes open for that “sweet spot”. That spot where in the highest amount of people are engaged. Once it starts to dip, you’ve probably raised the frequency too high.
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What Does A Good Posts Schedule Look Like

I can give you this blog as an example. I schedule my posts to be published about 2 days apart from each other. Regardless if my posts are of different categories I try not to have posts published any sooner than 2 days apart. That gives people time to see older posts. Once they get too old, it can be harder for them to see because it’s not sticking out on my front page.
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In the end you have to know your audience, your blog and yourself. You will figure it out through experimentation, and through the feedback of your readers. The important thing is that you DO use the scheduling tools on your site to do so. I like to have certain days where in I write about 2, 3 sometimes 4 blog posts. I then schedule them to be published over the next week or two. If you can write 10 posts in a day that’s great. Just don’t publish them all that day. Have them spaced out and scheduled to publish over the next 20 to 25 days. It’s good not only for your readers, but for you as well. It’s also important to always schedule your blog posts to publish at the same specific time. For example, I always schedule my blog posts to publish at 7:00 am. Over time you’ll figure out what schedule works best for you. Keep up the hustle and good things will come!
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