It’s A Saturday Night And I Want To Go Out But…

I got work to do. I tell myself, I remind myself once I accomplish what I’ve set out to do, I can go out whenever I want! Not like I’m going to go all out, I’ve outgrown that stage of my life. However the stage I am in is HUSTLE MODE! And that won’t quit, well it never will, but it won’t slow down until I’ve achieved certain goals. Trust me I wanna go out and stay up late. There’s UFC 205 going on tonight. Somewhere (all over more likely) girls are partying in the metroplex, and I should be there with them! There’s good food to be eaten, good times to be had, but again I know all of that and MORE can be mine, once I get my money right.
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What Are My Goals

If you are new to this blog, I’ll explain what I’m trying to do. Everyone else, just bear with the echololia. My goal is to have a steady income, passive income from my various online ventures. I’m building something, a lot of things actually, which will make me money in my sleep. That’s my hustle. Currently anyways, of course once I succeed there, I will venture on to other things. However the immediate goal is to make $5,000.00 a month online. Passive income, that means I put up a blog post here and there, I put up a YouTube video, once in a while, etc. And the money is rolling in. When I’m asleep, when I wake up, when I take a shit, the point is I’m not stuck in an office, I work when I want, and how I want. It’s the 21st century and this is the face of Entrepreneurism. And I’m not stopping until I reach my goals.
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So You See I Have My Reasons For Not Going Out On A Saturday Night

I know, balance. It’s important. And trust me I stress it as well. I’m actually a certified health and wellness coach, so I know the importance of finding time to relax, take care of yourself, etc. However I am driven more than ever, and that hunger only grows as each day passes! I’ve passed up hooking up with good looking girls, hanging out with friends, playing video games, all the shit I like to do. I’ve passed up watching NBA games, instead I check out a highlight or two the next morning and that’s it. However, you see I have my reasons. Imagine if I accomplish what I set out to do. And trust me I will. But you would be saying just as anyone else, DAMN, that was fucking worth it! And I will be the one saying it the loudest! It takes time, effort, a lot of sacrifice to achieve something beyond mediocre or average. And what I’m shooting for is far beyond that.
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What Are Some Of These Online Ventures

Well, they are many. And I am on my laptop EVERY chance I get. Hours, upon hours, when I’m kid free, this is ALL I DO! I have my e-commerce site I’m running, I use Shopify along with the Oberlo App to run that drop-shipping business. I have my fitness influencer business, where in I promote other people’s fitness products, and I also have my online health coaching services helping others to lose weight and achieve a good looking physique. And of course I have this blog.
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What All Goes Into Running These Websites & Businesses

A lot. A lot of time, energy, and attention. But I wouldn’t want to do anything else and that’s real! It takes patience, and a lot of learning. I’ve had to learn and continue to learn how to make websites, design them, optimize their search engine potential, market them and more! I’ve had to learn so many new skills and honestly even if I didn’t make a dime I’d be the better for it. It’s better than school, it’s true hands on learning in areas that are relevant in todays world. And you can do the same.
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How Can You Do The Same You Might Ask

Well, if you’d like to learn how to make a website, check out my post, How To Make A Blog. I also have a great introduction to Affiliate Marketing And Making Passive Income From Your Website. And of course, you can check out How To Build An Online Store In Less Than 10 Minutes so you can have your own e-commerce site making you money while you sleep. The whole point of all the information I’m sharing with you, as well as this post and what this website is about, is that making money online, being your own boss, is not only the future, it is the more rational choice than ever before. Again, it’s 2016 and seriously all you have to do is jump online, learn the steps, figure out what works for you, and create the lifestyle you deserve!
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In the end, I would love to go out tonight. I would love to go out on a lot of Saturday nights. However I think you can agree that if I pull this off, (and I will) than why wouldn’t I do it now, rather than later? Why would I delay what I want so bad. There will always be those temporary fixes, those cheap thrills out there. Under different names and faces perhaps, but they will always be there. However opportunity is fleeting. You have to grab it while you can. Sure there will always be opportunities. However if you stay stuck in the, “I’ll get to it” attitude, you can find yourself missing out, or worst of all, living in regret for what could have been. Not I, for the hustle never ends for me…I hope it doesn’t end for you, I’m on to the next lick, deuces!


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