the re-up weeks 5 & 6
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It is November 5, 2016. I know I already did the Re-Up week 5 last week but I’ve decide to combine the Re-Up Weeks 5 & 6 for today’s post, just to better showcase what is going on with my online hustle. I’m glad to say I’ve come a long way from where I was just two and a half weeks ago! I was feeling depressed to tell you the truth. My first Shopify store had been open for almost 3 months with absolutely NO SALES! A lot of money spent on my end though, that’s for sure. I then opened up my second store on October 20th. My eyes had come across a product that I just KNEW would sell. After months in the e-commerce game, studying, and experimenting, I knew I found something. I turned that product into multiple products, and created the store, I’m So Hoodie. I made my first sale within a week of opening up shop! And it was the greatest feeling in the world.

When it rains it pours, as I happened to make an affiliate sale (2 actually) one day before my first e-commerce sale. After a year and a half on this online hustle I finally made it, my first automated dollars. Making money while I sleep, that has been the dream, and it’s finally starting to come true. I expand on it more in my post How It Feels To Make That First Dollar Online.
I have made 3 more e-commerce sales this week alone. So for weeks 5 & 6 I have made a total of 4 e-commerce sales, and 2 affiliate marketing sales. It’s small, but it’s huge. Significant. It’s the START. Anyways let’s get into the money. I made a total of 2 affiliate sales (clicks which lead to purchases from advertisements on my site). I got paid $4.00 for each, which is a total of $8.00. I made 4 sales through my e-commerce site which was for a total of $119.96. Minus Shopify’s cut, and expenses I made a profit of $26.41. So in terms of automated money for the Re-Up of Weeks 5 & 6 I’ve made a total of $34.41. I also made an additional $44.00 on Fiverr, my freelance work. Eventually this re-up series won’t cover my Fiverr/Freelance profits as my focus and my profits will be mostly based off of “passive” income or automated income in the days, weeks, months, and years to come!
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So let’s call it a total of $78.41 for the past 2 week’s online hustle. It’s not the numbers that are so significant for me right now…it’s the mother fucking PROGRESS!
How It Feels To Make That First Dollar Online
Here’s a shot of my first dollar made online!
2 Weeks Of Being Open
4 sales in 2 weeks for my e-commerce site
Fiverr Sales
Of the money earned, $44 is accredited for Weeks 5 & 6 Re-Up
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