How To Use Printful To Sell T-Shirts Online Through Shopify

Creating and selling t-shirts online has never been as easy as it is today. You do not need your own factory, manufacturing line, shipping personnel, etc. All you need is an idea, a design and a desire to succeed. If you don’t already have Shopify then, Click Here To Get A 14 Day Free Trial Of Shopify. With Shopify and the free app Printful you have all the tools you need to sell, fulfill, and ship your t-shirts to paying customers!
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So How Do You Get Started With The Printful App

First off, if you need help with getting your Shopify store up and running, check out the first couple paragraphs of my post How To Build An Online Store. After that all you will need to do is click here and register for Printful. Once on the page click the red button that says “Connect Your Shop”. Simply follow the on screen directions and you will have your very own online t-shirt shop up and running in a matter of minutes! Go and get your hustle on.
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What Makes Printful So Great For Selling T-Shirts Online Through Shopify

First off, it’s simple and easy to do. There’s very minimal work all you have to provide is the design, and you’re set. Printful takes care of everything else. They even have a design team (for an extra cost) that can help come up with designs for you. They also offer a large variety of products to put your designs on. Other than t-shirts you have hoodies, tank tops, leggings, mugs, iPhone cases ready to put your design on (just to name a few). Again, it’s simple and easy as all you have to do is upload your image, and push the product to shop. Printful will take care of the fulfilling and shipping of the orders. When they ship your product to your customer, it shows their address, but your store name and logo. And they just added a warehouse on the east coast (they already have one on the west coast) which means your customers in the U.S. will get their products rather quickly.
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The Challenges You May Face With Using Printful

As with anything there are pros and there are cons. In Printful’s case, they are doing a lot of legwork for you. So rightfully so they can charge you quite a bit. Now by the time you mark your price up, you may be looking at a $30.00 t-shirt that some people feel isn’t worth it. Also there are a lot of people using Printful, so in terms of quality (which is very good) of shirt, you’re selling the same as many others. Nothing particularly special. So my only advice for those wanting to do this is make sure your design is unique. You know how it goes, if it’s something people “can’t live without”, or are so passionate about, they will fork over anything for it.
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In the end, Printful is a great way to get started in the e-commerce game. From my experience the best selling shirts are the ones with a simple design, or a phrase that truly helps people express certain ideas or feelings. I’ve talked to customers themselves, who rave about t-shirts that are witty, intelligent, or thought provoking. Look at what’s going on around the world, in your area, online, and see what phrases or images are trending. If you get the right design or phrase on a t-shirt, you can make a killing with Printful. Remember to cover all expenses when marking up your prices, remember who your audience is, and remember to stand out and you may find yourself with a very lucrative t-shirt dropshipping business! The hustle never ends for me, as it shouldn’t for you. Until next time, deuces!
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