Perhaps the most important aspect of any blog, website, online store, etc. is SEO. For a brief intro into SEO and how you can improve your site's optimization click here! The one tool that helps me tremendously in terms of determining my keywords, articles I want to cover, etc. is SEMRUSH. It is your one stop shop for navigating and planning your website's SEO!

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Other options for Search Engine Optimization:



When it comes to website hosting I personally use Hostgator. It is just the right hosting solution at just the right prices, especially for those just starting off. If you are just getting into the online hustle, or the blogging game, than Hostgator is the hosting solution I recommend. The prices are very reasonable, they've been around for a long time therefore are well established, and they have great customer service. Also you can get a NICE discount if you use promo code THEHUSTLE23 during checkout!
Other options for hosting include:
There are so many hosting options out there and many of them are quite good, it's really just about preferences. Some may save you a little more than others, but as with everything there is a give and take. As I said earlier Hostgator has proven to be not only reliable, but affordable.

HostGator Web Hosting

Web Software

When it comes to web software, I and thousands of others swear by WordPress. The platform itself allows for so much customization and room to move. Unlike other click and drag "site builders", WordPress really allows your creativity to flow freely. Trust me I know, I tried a simple click and drag platform before, and it was quite limiting. Now as I said before there is always a give and take. So when it comes to WordPress, you have to learn quite a lot, and it's a continual process. For those new to blogging, creating websites, etc., you will have to invest time, energy and times money into learning WordPress. But trust me, it's worth it. Me personally, I take pleasure from creating websites, making them look good through WordPress, and even if I wasn't make a dime out of this work, I'd still be doing it!

Other options for web design include:
Site Builder
Square Space
There are so many web design/web software options out there and just like hosting many of them are quite good. Again, it's really just about preferences. If you want something challenging, yet extremely rewarding (outside of learning how to code and create your own websites with html & css, etc.), then I highly suggest using WordPress as your web design platform.

All In One E-Commerce Solutions

The E-Commerce Solutions and Platforms available today are quite astounding actually. These all in one solutions make selling online so much easier, allowing you to focus on what you do best. Now, you can also use WooCommerce to set up your e-commerce site on WordPress. If you so choose to do so, I suggest checking out the following video. But for those of y'all who want an all in one e-commerce solution, that will have you up and selling literally in just a few minutes, I suggest the following All Inclusive E-Commerce Platforms. First off, Shopify. Shopify quite frankly is my favorite e-commerce platform. It's simple to use, reasonably priced, and there are tons upon tons of resources, blogs, videos out there showing you how to create your store, bring in traffic, make sales, and so on and so forth. Shopify has created a billion dollar industry, full of apps and sources aimed towards using Shopify to sell online. I even have a step by step tutorial on how to how to build your own online store here on this blog. I personally use Shopify for my own online stores, and you can see an example of it at
Other options for All In One E-Commerce Platforms include:
Big Commerce
There are so many E-Commerce Solutions out there, and again just like the other site building resources it comes down to preferences. Some may save you a little more than others, but as with everything there is a give and take. I am quite satisfied with Shopify because it has proven to be not only reliable, but inducive of creating a profitable business online

List Building & E-mail Marketing

When it comes to almost anything you do online, creating a following or a list of subscribers is crucial to creating long term relationships and connections. It is also crucial to creating a source of income. With a list of followers/subscribers, I don't care if it's a list of Facebook followers, Instagram followers, e-mail subscribers, if you have a large and loyal list you will ALWAYS be able to make money online. These subscribers and followers, especially if they trust your expertise and have confidence in what you do, will SPEND MONEY based on your suggestions. That's what makes building an e-mail list so VALUABLE. There are many platforms out there and I will provide links to the most popular ones. However first I will tell you what I personally use. I use and LOVE AWeber. Not only are they an award winning e-mail marketing solution provider, they are easy to use, affordable and one of the most popular platforms out there. Ready made templates, easily customizable, and easy integration to WordPress and other site building programs, makes AWeber my number one choice for list building and e-mail marketing. Don't just take my word for it though. Listen to Amy Schmittauer, the online guru behind, and what she has to say about the importance of e-mail marketing and picking the right platform for you!

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Other options for list building and e-mail marketing include:
Constant Contact
Get Response
Mail Chimp
Campaign Monitor
Once you have decided on a platform you can check out the following links to help you learn how to use e-mail marketing and list building effectively. Click here to learn what to write in your e-mail campaigns. This is important because though you may have a list of subscribers, the money comes when you converse with them effectively. Also check out how to grow your business with e-mail marketing in order to set up long term success in making money online!