One Week Of VLOGGING And What I’ve Learned

So I’ve done one week of VLOGGING and this is what I’ve learned. First off let me tell you, it’s a lot of fun. Obviously it’s not for everyone, but me personally I like it. The feedback has been positive, though I’m ready for those “haters”. It comes with the territory. And most importantly I’m studying and learning every moment along the way!

So How Was My First Week Of VLOGGING?

Again this one week, or this first week of VLOGGING has been fun and more so it has been a learning experience! VLOGGING is another form or outlet for creativity. Everyone is creative in one way or another. Better put, everyone expresses or wants to express creativity. It’s important in our lives. What’s great about a VLOG or just creating videos period, is that ANYONE can do it! Seriously, all you need is a camera (most phones have one), a computer, and an internet connection.
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Let Me Detail More What I’ve Been Doing On My VLOG

So I already have a YouTube Channel wherein I do tutorials for e-commerce, blogging, etc. What I decided to do a couple weeks ago was start a VLOG series. So I just DID IT! I bring the camera(s) around with me, talk about my day to, show my day to day, and share some stories and opinions. I show glimpses or clips of my life, and that’s about it. Oh I also interact with viewers, through comments and by giving shoutouts on my VLOGS!
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How And Why You Should Start A VLOG

Again, this is not for everyone. However I think the majority of people on this planet can benefit from daily or regular VLOGGING! That’s because when you VLOG you express yourself. You are CREATING something, and as I always preach on here, that is so important in life. Creating a way of life, creating a masterpiece, or just creating lunch. Whatever it may be, we create things, and those things make up much of our lives. They make us happy, and they stimulate the mind. Whether it be a blog, a VLOG or an Instagram page. Now, how do you start a VLOG? Simple, JUST DO IT! Go to YouTube, and register an account if you don’t already have one. Go to Canva and create your channel art. And most importantly start RECORDING!
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In the end this first week was AWESOME! Is my VLOGGING perfect now? Far fucking from it. Have I learned a lot? You better believe it. I guarantee you from day one of VLOGGING to day 7, there is a HUGE difference. I’ve become a thousand times better in just seven days! Like Bruce Lee said, “I fear the man who practices ONE kick a day for a thousand days, over the guy who practices a thousand kicks in just ONE day.” Consistency, practice, and persistence. That is key. Oh and marketing. You gotta sell it. So with that, don’t forget to hit up My Channel, comment, like & SUBSCRIBE! I’m out, I’ll holla at y’all soon, deuces!

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